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Joan of Ark

Will exits the police station to find that someone's spraypainted the words "You're next" on his car. He pulls out his cell phone, dials, and says, "Daghlian, I want you and all your guys down here in the parking lot."

While eating a sandwich, Luke is haranguing Joan about her boat project, saying he's not entirely sure she grasps what's going on. She says she's building a boat, and asks what he's doing. He says it's lunchtime, and that Price knows she's skipping: "He wants to see you." Joan sneers, as she tears off another length of duct tape to add to that holding the boat together: "What are you, his lapdog? You do whatever he says?" Luke replies, "Look, I want to get into MIT. Price is in charge of our permanent records. Do the math." He claims she's freaking everyone out: "I hope this pile of junk is worth it." Joan: "I'm pretty sure it is."

Kevin wheels himself over to some shelves in the living room or den, and pulls out an old scrapbook ("The Slugger" is imprinted on the cover), which is full of pictures and clippings from his gobsmacking athletic career, which, in addition to baseball, seems to include such feats as breaking track records and throwing winning touchdowns. He must have been quite the superstar -- I mean, I know zilch about sports, but aren't there very few people who excel at several? Isn't it logistically difficult to play on several competitive fronts at once? He musta been something else. No wonder his whole self-image hangs on that. He lingers on a photograph of him and his dad from happier days, holding one of his trophies.

Having gotten the squad down into the parking lot, Will announces, "This isn't a joke on me. This is a stain on the memories of two slain cops." Daghlian seems to resent the implication that one of his cops did it. Will: "Detective, perhaps you didn't pick up the subtle indicators of how angry I am! But do you honestly expect me to believe this is the work of some arch-criminal? That the Green Goblin figured out which car was mine and snuck in here, leaving threatening graffiti?" He continues ranting, insisting that one of them did it and finishing with, "Quit screwing around. Be cops!" He stalks off. Milner's partner and Crowley exchange looks.

Daghlian follows Will inside, saying that he knows that Will's right about the task force, but there's another issue. Will gets that a task force would placate the troops, but he isn't willing to put his own popularity ahead of an investigation. Daghlian says that's one way of looking at it. Will: "Two grieving women, mourning the loss of their husbands, looking at me to do the right thing. Tell me another way to view the situation!" Daghlian: "There's a thousand live guys looking to you! A thousand live guys with wives, all watching to see if you give a damn! It's a larger view, Chief. That's all I'm saying." Daghlian takes off and leaves Will to think about that. Okay, I have just a few questions. First of all: a thousand officers on this force, and they're all guys -- with wives? Does this show take place at the time of the real Jeanne d'Arc? I know Daghlian was generalizing, but given that we've only seen women involved with the force as secretaries, psychics, and photographers, it doesn't seem like he was completely off-base. Also, if Arcadia is big enough to have a municipal bus system, is this a realistic number of officers? It seems like Arcadia should be a good-sized city -- certainly with about a murder and/or abduction a week, it should be. It's one crime-ridden burg. But other times you get that small-town sensation. I mean, if the town is large, Will wouldn't be involved in every little case that comes along, even homicides. Cop murders, yes. And would his office be in the squad room like that? I don't know. I've either watched too many cop shows or not enough.

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