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Joan of Ark

Kevin tosses a match into the fireplace and watches the scrapbook burn. Dude, that's harsh. Er, that's harsh, yo.

Will's at his desk when Daghlian comes in to tell him they've got someone in custody who says he knows something about the cop killer. His name is Lenny Sams and he's in for fencing. Uh, the kind to do with theft, not the Three Musketeers kind.

Lenny's chained to a chair, and refuses to talk until he gets immunity from the D.A. Will and Daghlian lean on the guy, and he cracks like a plumber's ass. He gives up some guy named Archie who hangs out at some bar called the Crosstown. Apparently he overheard him in the can, praying to God for forgiveness for killing a cop.

Joan's in Price's office, saying she can explain. He's studying a file, and says he hasn't asked her to explain anything yet. She admits to missing a few classes. He agrees that it's been quite a few classes. Joan: "Well, it wasn't like I was smoking cigarettes at the mall, and playing the arcade." Price looks at her like it's the first time he's ever heard of such a thing. She laughs weakly, adding, "Not that I know anybody that does that stuff." Price is sure she's doing something much more important. Suddenly serious, Joan says she is. Price: "More important than algebra, French, history, and, oh yes, AP Chem that you begged to get into?" Ignoring everything Adam told her about Price, she tells him she's building a boat. Naturally he wants to know why. Joan says it's hard to explain. Price congratulates her for coming up with an original excuse. In his smarmy way, he asks what kind of boat. Joan: "I'm not exactly sure, exactly." Price: "Oh, but you are certain it is a boat?" Joan's positive. Man, I bet Noah didn't have any jackass vice-principal busting his chops. Price points out that her skill tests don't reveal any aptitude whatsoever for building or design. Joan tries to convince him that she's brilliant at it: "I started out making a bunch of mistakes, but it turned out they weren't mistakes! I mean, they were mistakes if you follow the plans, but I threw the plans away and all the mistakes fit together into something better, and I don't even know what a joggle is!" She's really wound up. Price asks, "What is a joggle?" Dude, she just told you she doesn't know. Are you deaf? Apparently it's a "notch or tooth in a joining surface." Joan knows her file says they she doesn't finish what she starts, and she doesn't focus well, and she's flighty: "But I'm telling you, I have put hours into this boat, and I never get bored! I barely sleep! I think I've found my calling." Price says: "Here's my guarantee to you: you may be building something that looks like a boat, but it won't float. How do I know this? Because you are not a boat builder. You are a high school student -- and a truant one, at that. Do I make myself clear?" Joan looks crushed. She says nothing. Price asks again, in his sharp, snotty way: "Do I make myself clear?" She nods. Price: "Good." Whoops, I almost typed "Prick" there.

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