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Shout-out to OhTara.

Joan, Adam and Grace are reading a poster at school offering counselling (courtesy of Stuart Dingle, MSW) to students troubled by Judith's murder (or "tragic death," as they put it here). Some brain trust has seen fit to attach a little addendum, reminding students to wear school colours to support the Eagles on Spirit Day. Joan angrily snatches the poster down: "How lame is this?" Grace sneers: "Yeah. Like eagles are ever blue." Joan seems more upset about the grief counseling. Adam says the school has to do it. Grace: "They're covering their asses in a litigious society. Someone could freak out and sue the school." I'd like to interject a remark here about how ridiculous this suggestion is, but…you know. Joan: "Oh, and Dingle's going to calm them down? That comb-over alone could trigger a mass suicide." There's someone walking behind them in the halls wearing a very weird mask over his or her head, kind of a skeleton face with stiff freaky hair. I don't know what's with the weird masks on this show. Adam says that talking about it might help. Joan is impatient: "Hey, I'm the brainchild of Dr. Dan, remember? Sitting in a room and crying with Dingle is not going to help. You show me someone with the answers, I'm there, but this?" She crumples the poster up and tosses it. As they come down the stairs toward their lockers, Grace ventures, "So Saturday, uh…I have this thing on Saturday with uh, food and crap and you guys can come if you want to but you don't have to, I don't care." What a felicitous invitation. Living up to the graciousness implied by her name, as always. Joan: "Could you be any less specific?" Grace explains it's her bat mitzvah. Joan and Adam are speechless, then on the verge of sniggering. Grace warns them, "Do not start with me! The Jews have been making kids do this for thousands of years. You got problems, ask Maimonides." Joan and Adam struggle to suppress their smirking. Grace: "And wipe that smirk off your face, Rove!" Adam says, "You know, you've been putting it off for years. Are you really gonna go through with it this time?" Grace rummages in her bag as she replies, "Do I look like I wanna discuss this?" Adam: "No." She hands them two vandalized invitations, explaining she ripped off the baby pictures: "Parents are sadists." She gives them an uncomfortable grimace and wanders off.

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