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The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune

At the police station, Duncan and Simmons are being frog-marched out by Annie Potts. Well, not really. It's just that the phrase frog-marched makes me laugh my ass off, and I never get to use it. They're just busted and cuffed -- over their objections -- and hustled out, followed by Annie. But it would have been great if she had frog-marched them outta there. Somebody frog-march somebody, please. Will glances at Roebuck, whose sad expression says, "Don't you feel like crap for doubting me?" Of Annie Potts, I tell Frink, "That's not a good hairdo." He replies, "Well, she's in IA, she's supposed to be hateable." Me: "Okay, it's not that bad."

Joan comes into Adam's shed and says, "Hey, boys…" Guess which one's happier to see her? She stops at Larry's cage, and his relatively friendly pawing through the wires is made to seem vicious by the cranky hissing and meowing on the soundtrack. If you turn down the sound, the cat seems perfectly nice. As he no doubt is. She admonishes him weakly and walks around to look at what Adam's working on: it's his pop art assignment for Helen's class. It's four cartoonish images of a cat like Larry, two over two in a grid, with "NEW!" written at the top and "CATS GONE WILD!" in one of those spiky balloons superimposed over the top two images. Underneath it all it says, "FEED YOUR FERAL SIDE." I don't really get it, other than that it seems like a riff on Warhol's style of portraiture. But it also seems like an ad, but for what I couldn't tell you. Anyway, Joan finds it amusing: "You're sick, but I like it." He laughs and thanks her, saying, "Yeah, Larry totally inspired me." Joan talks to the cat: "Are you a little feline inspiration? Hmm." I think the cat's pretty sick of being in that cage. Adam says he's been looking at Andy Warhol's paintings and they're amazing: "I was being such a thud about it and giving your mom a hard time." Joan: "Well, I don't know about the art, but please…don't stop giving my mom a hard time." She walks back to the cage again, and "Larry" emits another bad-tempered sound. Joan asks Adam, "What have you been telling him about me?" Adam comes over and opens his cage; Joan starts fretting about him putting the oven mitts on but Adam takes the cat out, saying it's okay. The cat is totally docile in his arms and Adam gives him a little kiss on the head before putting him on the floor, where he rubs against Adam's legs. Joan: "Wow. That is, like, so advanced. You're practically off the pamphlet." Adam smiles. You can tell Joan is fairly envious of her boyfriend, the cat whisperer (tm Firefly Fan).

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