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The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune

Luke's in his room getting dressed, pulling his pants on (red boxers, if you didn't see the show), when his computer makes an important, IM-related bleep. One pant leg on, one off, he rolls over the bed, grabs his glasses, and goes to his computer in one fluid motion. He looks at the screen, which reads: "BLACKWIDOW-4-U says / My Mother drinks." I actually said, "Oh my God," out loud. Luke starts to type something but there's another message: "BLACKWIDOW has logged off." What happened to the "4-U"? And how come GRAVITY_BOY merited an exclamation mark when he logged off? He sits back, staring at the screen. Normally I would think there were a lot of things wrong with having Grace's secret revealed this way, but in this case, it works perfectly with the storyline and the development of Grace's character. She would never be able to face Luke and say this out loud.

Downstairs, Olive is pronouncing the paella muy bueno and ready to eat. Joan's setting the table, asking, "So if Mom gives up the recipe, we have to kill her?" Joan seems to be hoping her mom has loose lips. Olive: "Yeah. Trampled by bulls." Kevin wheels up with drinking glasses, and she instructs him to pour the guava juice: "It'll cut the spice and nobody has to get hurt." Will comes in, announcing, "I'm putting on my pants and my trusty garlic sensor starts going nuts." He keeps it in his pants? Whatever, dude. Olive: "We made paella!" Will: "'We'?" Olive tells him, "No cracks or you don't get any." Will asks Helen, "Do you really have the recipe?" Helen: "You can torture me all you want, I'm not giving it up!" She shouts for Luke to come to breakfast. Everyone sits down and Olive says, "I know one doesn't usually toast with guava juice, but…well, I don't care." Luke comes in with his jacket on, puzzled: "Someone cooked? In the morning?" Helen: "Olive's making a toast. Sit." He dashes out, saying, "SorryIcan'tbye!" Helen calls after him but lets it go, telling Olive lightly, "Sorry!" Olive continues her toast, which mostly consists of everyone holding their glasses up expectantly while Olive attempts to find words for her gratitude. She's unable to come up with anything more than "Salud!" Everyone clinks glasses and Will says, "Famiglia." He gets a few echoes of that. They start dishing everything up as the fake-o Latin music plays some more.

Grace is at her locker when she looks down the hall and the expression on her face turns very vulnerable. She puts her stuff in her locker and skulks away, but it's too late: Luke is barreling down the hallway toward her and grabs her arm. She stops and turns toward him, the expression on her face a mixture of defenselessness, with a little of the "Are people looking? What are they thinking?" anxiety that never leaves her. Luke doesn't say anything, he just looks concerned. She takes off into an empty classroom. Luke follows her. They're standing in front of a blackboard with a bunch of writing on it. The most readable phrase is "CAUSED BY TENSION." Grace stands in front of him shaking her head ever so slightly, as if she can't quite believe she told someone. She looks up at him with wet eyes. Luke gently puts one hand on her shoulder, probably expecting it to be smacked away, but Grace lets him pull her into an embrace and she holds him tightly, doing her very best not to cry on his shoulder. As I am trying not to do to Frink.

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