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The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune

She goes up to Luke's room, where he's working on his computer. Luke: "Yes?" Joan: "Mom and Dad were really in love when they met." Luke's not paying much attention, because an IM window's just popped up: it's Grace, who's using the ID "BLACKWIDOW-4-U." Heh. He types, "Hey Grace" as he says to Joan, "Excuse me?" Joan paces and blathers, "Love love. I mean, Mom and Dad. Do you think we'll ever find love like that? Or will we just end up like Aunt Olive?" BLACKWIDOW-4-U chastises GRAVITY_BOY: "Don't use my name on line, DUDE!!!" Luke tells Joan this isn't a good time. He types, "Right, sorry. I can't do anything right" to Grace. His IM screens are lurid yellows and greens. Joan: "Luke, you're my brother. I'm trying to talk to you about something important." Luke: "I know, but…" "If we can't have a real conversation, then what kind of relationship do we have?" Luke: "Why is this happening now?" Joan: "Because I have feelings! I'm not just some high school cyborg like you…" Way to score on the "feelings" meter there, Joanie. Luke stares at what BLACKWIDOW-4-U just typed: "Look, sometimes I'm a jerk. It's just there are things I don't tell people. I can't." She adds another line: "It's why I don't let anyone come to my house." Joan, who's gotten no response from her completely distracted brother, suddenly becomes suspicious and says, "Hey." She walks around Luke's desk to see what's so intensely distracting: "Porn? Are you looking at porn?" Luke says no and quickly closes the window and it goes back to a page about Bernoulli's principle. She sees what's on the screen and slaps him on the back of the head and goes out. I can't tell if she slapped him because she thinks he quickly closed a window on a porn site or because he's such a predictable geek. Or maybe just because he doesn't find her concerns sufficiently riveting.

Over at Grace's house…she's looking at the message "GRAVITY_BOY has logged off!" She knits her brows, puzzled. She slowly closes the lid on her laptop, hurt and confused. Oh, no. My heart is breaking, even if they do both use Comic Sans for their IMing. Wish we could see more of Grace's room: it's full of all kinds of interesting stuff, including what looks to me like a photo of Amelia Earhart.

Dinnertime in the Girardi dining room. Olive's struggling a bit with her napkin. Kevin's looking at the photo of his parents, wondering aloud, "Why would you ever think this was a good look?" As his father sets down a plate in front of Kevin, he says, "I saved those shirts! Paisley will come back." As Joan enters the dining room, she remarks, "Maybe when everyone's blind." Hey! Back off the paisley. There are many worse sartorial crimes from the seventies. She sits down next to Luke, saying about the picture, "I can't believe you're not interested in this, Luke!" She stage-whispers, "Maybe if they were naked!" Okay, that clarifies what the slap on the head was about: she definitely thought he was looking at porn. But it's pretty weird for a girl who can't even bear to think about her parents going to an ABBA concert together to summon the idea of her parents naked. Luke insists, "I was working." Helen smiles and reminisces as Olive looks at the picture: "We had just been at Navy Pier. It was the night we got engaged. It was…freezing, remember? You were shivering." Will comes in with a plate for Helen and one for Olive, saying, "Shivering? I was shaking. I didn't know if you'd say yes. I thought you were too pretty for me." Helen switches her plate with Olive's as Will bends down to kiss her, adding, "And you still are." Joan cringes: "Unnhh! Eating!" See what I mean? She's a puzzle, okay?

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