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God Told Me To

Joan's in the administrative office getting a lecture from her mother: "How can you be late for school? You left home before I did." Couldn't God at least fix Joan up with a pile of late slips or something? Helen grabs a hank of Joan's hair and sniffs it, asking, "You didn't stop somewhere and smoke cigarettes?" Joan jerks her head away from her mother in irritation. Just then Adam comes out of Price's office, followed by Price, who says, "Mr. Rove, you are making a huge mistake." Adam: "You have to say that." Price: "You cannot go out into the world without finishing high school." Adam: "I'm an artist, yo. What do I care about school for?" He notices Helen and Joan and says, "Hey, it's Bastille Day, Jane. I'm a free man." Joan asks if he's quitting school. Adam explains that his dad won't let him leave school unless he can pay rent: "I got, like, $500 off that one piece." Joan: "You can't live on $500!" Adam says he has twenty more artworks at home: "So I can pay my dad rent and work on my art." Price predicts he'll end up on the street. Adam, full of some crazy new bravado: "Dude. I won the art show. I'm hot." Wow, he won, in addition to selling his piece? Helen tries her hand: "Listen to me. An education will make you a deeper artist." Adam says, "Mrs. Girardi, listen. My stuff comes from the inside, okay? From the heart. Not the brain. And school is a brain specialism." He turns to Price and says, "You're all about the brain. You got no heart." To Joan: "Jane, don't worry. We'll still be able to hang out, okay?" Price says, through a fairly clenched jaw, "I believe the pertinent phrase is, 'You can't win 'em all.'" Helen and Joan just look at him. I think they're disappointed that, in this case, Price seems to be backing down easily. He heads back to his office, saying, "I mean, what are you going to do?" Well, Joan seems to have decided what's she going to do next.

Oh, man. I knew this was coming the first time I watched it, and I still wanted my teddy and a blankie. And now I have to watch it for the fourth or fifth time. Joan bursts through the doors to the auditorium. Somewhere en route she tied her hair up into a messy ponytail. She throws off her shoulder bag, and grabs the first thing that comes to hand: a folding chair. She starts smashing Adam's sculpture. I feel like my heart is shooting out through the top of my head. The noise attracts teachers and students, who start running in. A teacher shouts at Joan to stop it, but she doesn't, so the teacher directs someone to go get Price. Joan finally stops when the piece is fairly destroyed. She stands there panting, taking in what she's done. She looks around behind her, and along with the others, Adam is standing there. His face is a broken-hearted question mark. His mouth moves somewhat, but nothing emerges. He runs out. Joan looks at the handful of students staring at her at her like she's nuts, and gets an even stronger sense of the horrible thing she's done. She looks back at the ruins of Ascension. Awesome work by both Amber and Chris.

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