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The Devil Made Me Do It

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God Told Me To

Will gets home and finds Helen sitting at the kitchen table, lost in her own thoughts. He asks why it's so quiet. Helen says Joan won't come out from under the covers until her parents promise not to send her back to school. She adds, "Kevin is mad at Luke for something...teenager-y, and Luke's coping mechanism is to build -- I don't know -- a spaceship, maybe." Will smiles and says, "Well, if it works, you and I should it on a spin through the Milky Way." She says, stroking his face, "We don't need a spaceship for that." She giggles a bit, then says she saw him on the news. He says, "Yeah. I'm afraid I'm not turning out to be a very good chief of police." Helen makes a small "hmm" noise. Will: "I don't know if I almost did the right thing for the wrong reason today, or the wrong thing for the right reason or both, or...something in between. When I shot that bank robber -- when I killed him --" Helen says the kids were bound to find out eventually. Will states, "It was a righteous shooting, Helen. I mean, I'm sorry I killed a man -- I really am -- but I don't doubt that it was necessary, that I had no other options. I miss that clarity. Everything in this job is so murky with politics..." Helen says, "Hey...I love you...and if there's a problem with your job, then the fault does not lie with you. I'm as certain about that as you are about...shooting bad men." They kiss, and then Will stands up and holds out his hand to invite her to dance. He's wearing a suit and she's wearing a t-shirt and baggy pyjama pants, but they slowly dance -- to no music, though Bryan Ferry's cover of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" is playing on the soundtrack -- the way only two people still in love after twenty years can dance.

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