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Joan places Adam's sculpture in the middle of the kitchen table as they set it for dinner. Whatever he intended for that artwork, I'm sure it wasn't meant to be a centrepiece. Luke asks, "He makes stuff out of stuff that people throw away?" Joan: "And get this: he's not a stoner." Luke and Mom, in unison: "Get outta here." Hope Mom doesn't spill the beans about his non-stonerdom to VP Price, there, Joan. Luke starts juggling vegetables as Joan warns her mother not to say anything. She wants to know why he'd want the VP to think he's abusing drugs. Joan pleads, "Mo-o-o-m...could this just be one of those things we agree on without having to go deeply into it?" She leaves, and Kevin wheels in, wearing a bright red sweater, and announces he's eating out. He gestures to Luke and says, "You want to come, geek?" Luke looks surprised to be invited, and asks his mother if he can go. She says he can and they take off, just as Dad comes home. He asks where they're going. Helen: "Out to eat...together, in Kevin's new car that I got from impound." Will: "Huh." I sort of expected more of a reaction to that. Joan comes back, and he greets her, "Hey, sweetie pie." Noticing the sculpture, he asks, "What the hell is that?" Joan: "It's beautiful, okay?" Will walks over to Helen and she kisses him, asking -- if he's not mad about the car -- whether they could invite the Wyatts over on the weekend. She really liked them. Will tells her that he knows they're the first couple they really clicked with, but he arrested Tom Wyatt for arson this afternoon. Helen and Will find that hysterical. Joan doesn't get why it's funny.

Back at the drive-through window of Animal Burgers, Maryland-Style or whatever this place is called, Luke explains that the way they make the fries so crisp is by using a type of oil that boils at a much higher temperature than most oils. As Barbie appears at the window, Kevin slaps his hand over Luke's mouth. Barbie: "You again! Sweet." Kevin: "I can't resist your tasty treats." Oh, lord. Luke mutters quietly to himself, "'Tasty treats'?" I'm with you, buddy. Barbie: "Be cheaper if you just asked me out." Luke snort-laughs a little: "Whoa." Kevin: "I don't know. You don't strike me as a cheap date." Much better than "tasty treats." Barbie asks if he likes movies, or suggests they could go to a concert. I guess Kevin didn't think things would move along quite so fast, and he realizes that he's really not ready for this. He switches gears, saying he's not really available. Barb looks hurt and disappointed and says she'll go get their order. When she's gone, Luke asks, "Why didn't you just tell her? I mean, she likes you. She probably wouldn't even care." Kevin turns to Luke and grabs him, saying, "You gotta shut up now, okay? We'll wait for the food, and when she gives it to us, we'll leave. That's what's going to happen, understand?" Luke says nothing as Warren Zevon's cover of "Back in the High Life Again" begins playing. They both just stare forward, as there is a succession of shots of the car waiting outside the restaurant. "All the doors I closed one time / Will open up again."

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