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He pushes Adam out of the office and then notices Joan. He asks her to walk with him. Joan's behind him when he asks, "So, Advanced Placement." Joan says nothing. He says, "I can't hear if you nod, Ms. Girardi. You're going to have to speak up." They walk into the hall as Price says that there's nothing about her record that suggests academic achievement. She knows. He wants to know why she all of a sudden wants to take a challenging course. Joan: "I need a reason?" Price: "Ah, premise, argument, conclusion, the correctness of reasoning, the validity of inference..." Joan doesn't know what the hell he's on about. Neither do I. He says she needs a reason; she says it's personal. They stop again, and Price says, to some kid behind him scrawling something on the wall, a kid he hasn't actually seen: "I see you, Mr. Denberg. My office, 3:15." He turns and glances as the kid slinks away. He tells Joan that they're not talking about adolescent romance, they're talking about academics. Joan, perhaps figuring that a guy with eyes in the back of his head might be open to the not-entirely-normal, asks if he believes in God. Price: "That would only be pertinent if God told you to take Advanced Placement." Joan rolls her eyes thoughtfully and says, "He might have. He isn't always clear." Price: "Ms. Girardi, messages from God suggest psychosis. And psychosis is a matter for the school psychiatrist and massive doses of Thorazine. So for the record: did God ask you to take advanced courses?" Joan laughs nervously and then says she just wants to do better. He says he has one vacancy in AP Chem: "Take it or leave it."

Will enters his office, quietly followed by some guy who asks, "How's the Chief of Police?" Will turns and says, "Slightly apprehensive when the District Attorney pays a personal visit." He says he came by earlier, but Will was apparently out "sifting through embers." Will explains that there was a small jurisdictional dispute. The DA describes him as more "hands-on" than his predecessor. Will: "I take it you don't approve?" The DA replies, "Well, there is some concern that when a police chief immerses himself in trivialities, larger questions such as budget, staffing, inter-agency relations..." Will points out that when he arrived, the department had the worst conviction rate for any city its size in the nation. The DA admits that Will's turned things around. Will adds that he answers to the mayor, not the DA. The DA stands up and leaves, asking, "Who do you think sent me?"

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