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Cut to a chemistry class, and the two nerds sitting beside Luke. They're all guys with middling to bad hair and wearing glasses, so you know they're nerds. Luke looks up and sees Joan standing at the front of the class, arms crossed. She sticks her tongue out at Luke as Grace arrives for class. The teacher informs her that she's late, and VP Price, who happens to be standing at the door, says, "See me after school, Ms. Polk." Grace, wearing an even surlier expression than earlier, just walks to her seat, raising her hand in a sarcastic way to acknowledge Price's command. The teacher, who's got an unflattering haircut and a worse multicolour dye job, and is wearing a bit too much eye makeup to boot, introduces Joan and tells her to sit with "that group" -- which happens to be Grace and Adam. Joan looks disappointed but tosses her hair slightly as she walks past Luke's desk. She takes a seat between Grace and Adam. The teacher claps her hands and starts the class. Cut back to Joan's group: Grace's forehead is propped on her hand, obscuring her eyes. Joan's hands are on either side of her head, propping it up and covering her ears. Adam's resting his chin on his hand, which is covering his mouth. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Cute.

Dinnertime at the Girardis' -- and Mom wants everyone to share something good they did that day. Kevin, always defensive: "Mom, if you want to know if I looked for work, just ask." Helen just keeps smiling, undeterred: "Will?" He says he did not pull out his gun and shoot an arson investigator or the DA. Luke's answer: "I didn't laugh when Joan was introduced to my AP Chem class. Joan says that Luke took her answer: "I'm now taking chemistry with the clamheads." Helen asks if Kevin's thought any more about getting his own transportation. He gives her a look, and then puts his fork and napkin on the table. He wheels away, saying, "I already got my own wheels." I think the family's chemistry is beginning to gel nicely. I usually hate nuclear families on TV; they're typically too sweet or smarmy and even the conflicts feel really fake. They're doing well with this one so far. Still not totally getting what Helen and Will see in each other. I would also like to know why "normal" is so very important to them.

Great shot of the exterior of the Girardis' house. Is that not a lovely Craftsman specimen? Sigh. It's morning, and we see Kevin use a handle hanging above his bed to pull himself up. As he's moving his legs to the edge of the bed, Mom knocks, saying, "Good, you're awake!" Kevin replies, "Half awake, anyway." He looks down, saying, "The other half is still sound asleep." He slaps his thighs, urging them, "Wake up, you lazy bastards! It's morning!" He shrugs at his mother, who's not amused. She asks him, "Please don't make those jokes." As he lifts himself into his chair, he asks why. Helen replies, "Because if somebody else made those jokes about you, I would scratch their eyes out." I totally believe her, too. He asks her about the paper she's holding. She says, "I Googled used cars with hand controls. In case you're interested." She hands him the paper and kisses him on the head. As she turns to go, he reaches forward and grabs her hand: "Thanks, Mom." Kevin finishes getting into his wheelchair as she leaves. He seems to have a lot of mobility -- I'm guessing his injury must be fairly low.

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