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Kevin asks angrily: "Hey! What the hell are you doing?" As the reach the exit, and get outside, Kevin's even madder: "Stop it! Get your hands off my chair!" Kevin tries to pry his father's left hand off the chair. Will stops the chair where Kevin can conveniently watch Pollack being taken away, while his ex-wife and little girl say goodbye to him through a chain-link fence. Pollack, in handcuffs, walks over and kneels in front of his daughter and kisses her hand through the fence. What the hell are the parents thinking, letting their little girl watch this? Kevin watches with consternation as his father says, "This is the part of the story you left out." Kevin swallows hard. I know a lot of viewers feel that what Will did, forcing Kevin outside, was completely inexcusable and unacceptable, and I basically agree. I feel sure that even if Kevin were not in a wheelchair, Will would have tried to do the same thing. Of course, Kevin would have been better able to resist, and obviously stands a good chance of succeeding. Will was being a pretty big jackass in his approach, but I do think it was realistic that something like that could and did occur. In fact, it's starting to become clearer just where Kevin learned the kind of physical violation and aggression he inflicts on others. They both need to learn to keep their hands to themselves, if you ask me.

Grace is following Luke down the hall to his locker, declaring, "I think this whole gift-giving thing is just a merchandising ploy to keep the capitalist machine moving." Luke: "I don't know." Grace: "You got Glynis something? You guys were together, what, three weeks?" Wait -- what is she talking about? How does she know Luke bought anybody anything? Also: Three weeks? Come on, how long is a week on Planet Arcadia? Luke: "I thought about getting her Richard Feynman's lectures on physics, but it just seemed so…" Grace: "Laaaame?" Luke nods: "Yeah." They start walking as he says, "A gift should just happen. Shouldn't it? You know, if you think too much, then…forget it…" He enters a classroom, and she follows. This is one of the big things Grace and Luke do have in common, for those who don't see them as a couple: contempt for forced and ritualized behaviour. Hey, lasting relationships have been founded on less. As the shot changes to the inside of the classroom, Frink and I cheer the Hoberman sphere in the foreground. Because that is the kind of dweebs we are, that's why. Grace tells Luke, "You were getting all poetic there for a moment, Spock." Luke: "No, I just…you know…" Grace: "Actually, no." Luke asks if she's never just walked by something and just felt that someone she knew would absolutely love it. Grace's reply: "Are you interested in somebody else already?" Luke looks discouraged and says he's just having a theoretical discussion. He flips open his book. Grace: "So there is somebody. Guys should be sprayed down with cold water, like, every hour." Luke suggests maybe they should study later, with Joan and Adam: "I mean, they're going to get so far behind." Grace says they knew they were meeting to study: "If their thing is getting so hot that they wanna blow finals…" Luke: "What?" Grace looks guilty: "Well, what?" Luke: "Their thing is hot? How hot?" She tells Luke to take a nap: "I'm not going there." Luke: "I think you just did." Grace: "Okay. This falls under chemistry-study-group-partner confidentiality." Luke agrees. Grace just barely nods, indicating his sister's train of thought. I'm kind of surprised at her; she's usually an advocate of people minding their own business. Luke: "So what do I do?" Grace: "What do you mean?" Luke: "She's my sister." Grace: "I guess you hope that she's smart, and happy." Luke decides it's now or never, I guess, and reaches into his backpack, and pulls out the piece of celestite and holds it out to her slightly, not looking Grace in the eye. She takes it, and for a brief moment it seems like she could well up. Just a moment, though. Grace tries to find words, finally settling on, "Okay, dude, this is just weird." She sets it aside. Luke: "Yeah, I know. I don't care." Well, we've certainly come a long way from the Mr. Browning days. Grace is slightly flustered, and turns to her notes to change the subject. As soon as she mentions 'exchange reactions,' Luke goes into brain mode.

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