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Joan says it seems like they're supposed to get closer. But her eyes are all watery and she could hardly be less ready. Adam smiles at her and she slowly leans toward him; they start kissing and Adam holds her face gently in his beautiful hands; Joan lightly strokes his upper arm with both her hands. They only kiss for a few moments before Joan pulls away, in tears. Adam: "Why are you crying?" She says she's just a little afraid: "Are you?" Adam: "Yeah." Joan: "I mean, it's not like we're the first…" Adam: "No, no." Joan: "I'm just not sure, if we do this…what the ripples are going to be." Okay, now I'm welling. Adam's not sure either. They're both quiet for a moment, and then Adam says, somewhat tearfully, "I don't want to lose you." Joan: "Adam…" He explains: "This job…I had to take it early. My dad hurt his back. He can't work." Benefits not so good there at the police station, hmm? At least not for the janitorial staff. Joan says he should have told her. How can they not be discussing these sorts of everyday details of their lives? I don't get it. Also, if she were more attuned to other people, she might have noticed that Adam said earlier that he had to pick up some stuff for his dad. She could have asked what that was, out of casual interest. If it were none of her business, or Adam didn't want to say, he could have been evasive. But maybe the answer would have been, "Prescriptions for painkillers." Adam wonders what difference it would have made to tell her. Joan says he shouldn't have to go through it alone: "He's going to get better, right?" Adam stands up and thinks, and sniffles. Eventually he says, "I guess. It just always seems that there's something that gets in the way of what you hope for." Joan insists that's not true. Adam, still crying softly: "My mom dies. My dad gets sick. I fall in love with you." Joan naturally wonders how the last one is bad. Adam: "Are you gonna stay with me if this is what my life becomes?" He prods the rug shampooing machine with his foot, finally giving it a kick. "Running…this thing…for the rest of my life?" She asks if that's why his sketchbook is empty. He continues, "Before I met you, I was barely getting through school." Joan says everyone goes through rough times. Adam: "I'm not some struggling artist in Paris -- I'm a sixteen-year-old kid in Arcadia who has to work to buy his dad pills." Well, maybe if you work really hard and get good grades, someday you too can be a struggling artist in Paris. Joan: "Adam, you believed in yourself." He dismisses that: "No, you believed in me." At least when she wasn't destroying his best work. He sits down next to her again, saying, "That felt good." She touches his shoulder softly as he adds, "But I need something more now. I need something real, something I can hold in my hand." Joan: "Anything -- I'll give you anything you need." He looks at her and they kiss again. He says he has to get back to work. He gets up and leaves her there, wondering how to help him, what to give him.

Kevin's out in the garage sanding the hull of The Boat. The Boat! I imagine this boat might take the life of the series to build. Will comes into the garage and attempts to start a conversation by saying he thought he saw a light on. Kevin keeps sanding and says nothing. Will: "Luke said you went out." Kevin: "I did. I just didn't get very far." Will says he probably should have handled things differently today. Kevin: "Yeah, you made your point. I ruined two people's lives. Case closed." He wheels over to the workbench to get a screwdriver, but it's just a little bit out of his reach. There's really no good reason for those screwdriver holders to be placed so high on the pegboard; there's as least a foot of open space below them where they could be relocated and be more accessible to him. Will gets the screwdriver for him and says it's not that simple, and that that's the whole point: "Think about…the way people look at you on the street. I see it. They make a decision about your life. Is that fair? They don't know who you are, what you're capable of, what you mean to people." Kevin doesn't say anything as he struggles to tighten a screw, and Will starts to walk away, figuring this isn't going anywhere. Kevin suddenly asks him to take a look at the joint he's working on. Will looks at it and says it needs sanding. As he grabs some sandpaper, he asks Kevin when he thinks they'll get it into the water. Kevin: "Hull's been here too long. It's getting all warped." Will: "Ah, I wouldn't give up on it just yet." They work on it together in silence.

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