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He puts his arm around her and they both look at the picture, as the camera zooms in on it. "Hold me close and hold me fast / The magic spell you cast / This is la vie en rose…" Suddenly Auguste and Rose morph into Adam and Joan in the period outfits -- Joan's in an off-the-shoulder dress with wavy hair and a yooge pink flower in her hair; Adam's in a vest and shirt -- and the still photo becomes live footage. Cyndi Lauper sings her cover of "La Vie en Rose." I like Cyndi Lauper a lot, but I'm not crazy about this song. However, such is the power of this show that I now like it a little better. We see Adam sketching Joan at a table in a café while people eat and drink and dance and laugh around them. He shows her the sketch and she smiles and giggles a bit, admiring his work. Hmm. As a career opportunity for women, I think "model/muse" kind of sucks. (Quick: Name five famous female artists and their male models/muses. Yeah, I thought so.) "When you kiss me heaven sighs / And though I close my eyes / I see la vie en rose." Then Adam and Joan look at the camera and they morph back into Auguste and Rose, and the camera draws away again.

We see Adam looking kind of troubled, and Joan looking completely blissful and calm for a change. "When you press me to your heart / I'm in a world apart / A world where roses bloom / And when you speak, angels sing from above…" Joan leans toward Adam, and they start kissing. Man, it's a good thing Mr. Price is busy infecting Los Angeles with the plague, because why else wouldn't he have discovered this little makeout hideaway in the sky? "Everyday words seem to turn into love songs / Give your heart and soul to me / And life will always be la vie en rose." There's something about the way Joan positions her body -- especially her legs -- that is ever so suggestive of Rodin's famous sculpture, The Kiss, without being an imitation of it. Nice. I really wasn't sure about the whole photo morphing thing the first time I watched it -- and I'm still not, even though I guess I liked it better the second time around. I just don't think it totally worked -- it was more Velveeta than brie -- and the suggestion of Joan as primarily model/muse to Adam kinda creeps me out. But I like that the show tries to take some risks, creative or otherwise, even if they don't all work out perfectly. That's what God's been making Joan do all year, isn't it?

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