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Will arrives at the courtroom where Kevin's working and greets his son: "Didn't think I'd run into you so soon. How do you like it?" Kevin says quietly, "There's so much on the docket other reporters just ignore." Will says it's mostly routine stuff. Kevin doesn't think it should be. Will: "That's why we have youth." He pats Kevin on the arm and walks up to mutter briefly with a couple of lawyerly types. As he leaves again, he winks at his son. Ben Pollack's case is called; he's charged with two felony counts of burglary. He pleads not guilty. His lawyer requests that he be released on his own recognizance pending trial. Kevin shakes his head. The prosecuting attorney has no objections, so they're done. Kevin's sense of justice is clearly affronted.

Grace and Joan are walking in a park, each carrying some coffee. Or maybe tea. Grace asks if she's found a gift yet. Joan answers yes and no and hems and haws until finally Grace says, "That was unclear, even for you." Joan says she found something, but she didn't give it to him. Grace: "Expand…" Joan: "Well, I was looking through his bag…" Grace sips her drink and then says, "Oh, God." As they sit down on a bench, Joan explains she thought if she saw some of his private things, she'd know him better and be able to figure out what he wants. Grace, whose body language is so caring and concerned that I'm almost shocked, asks, "This doesn't end well, does it?" Joan says she found a condom in his bag. Grace: "Ohhh…" Joan: "Yeah." They both chuckle uneasily. Joan says she was looking for hints, to find out what he might really value. Grace: "I guess you found it…?" Joan: "I didn't expect the right gift to be…you know, we haven't talked about…doing…that…" Grace: "I'm thinking that slot cars might not be such a bad idea." Joan: "Grace. What am I supposed to do?" Grace replies gently, "I don't think I can tell you that, Girardi…" Joan looks down. Grace adds, twirling a piece of her hair thoughtfully, "You know, in my Hebrew class, the rabbi talked about giving. He said that the act itself makes you love the person more. The Hebrew word, even, 'to give,' has the same root as 'love.'" Joan listens to this quietly as Grace asks, "Do you love him?" Joan looks kind of sad as she says, "Yeah." Grace just nods slightly. As the scene ends, they sit there on the bench in silence. Wow. Grace sure has changed over time. Also, TV teens need to be apprised of the fact that there are bunches of other things besides "kissing" and the monolith of "vaginal intercourse." Why do so many of them seem so clueless about this? Do I have to draw pictures?

Will and Toni walk through the police station as Will reads from the Arcadia Register: "'Ben Pollack's bail-free release and pending plea bargain are further proof that Arcadia's judicial system is more interested in protecting criminals than their victims.'" They sit down in an office, and Toni says, "I thought he was just doing docket reports like the other guys." Well, I guess you don't know that that paper will print just about anything Kevin feels like writing. This strained credulity when he was sleeping with Rebecca, but now that he's not, it's even less plausible. Will says he was. Toni: "So, getting a feature run. This is a big deal. You must be a proud papa." Will: "Proud? My kid body-slams the entire county judicial system. We'll have to wear armour to the courthouse." Toni says Kevin's a good writer. I don't know that one can tell that from the sentence quoted above. She adds, "The way he spins it even made me think twice." Will points out that Kevin didn't mention that it's Pollack's first offense. Toni points out that he stole five grand in two robberies. Will: "Both on the fourteenth of the month. His child support was due on the fifteenth. The guy's been out of work for a year. He was about to lose his kid. That doesn't mean anything?" Will's phone rings; it's the DA.

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