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Joan's at her locker when Adam steals up behind her and draws her curtain of hair aside to kiss her quickly on the neck. Joan seems sort of nervous, and vaguely surprised, saying, "Oh, it's you!" Like…who else would be kissing you on the neck? He asks where she was; she says she was studying in the library. Adam thought they were meeting on the roof. Joan feigns flakiness, which as you can imagine, isn't a huge effort for her: "What? Oh, I'm such a tube sock. I'm sorry." Ha! "Tube sock." Must remember that one. She suggests meeting later. Adam says he has to pick up some stuff for his dad and then go to work: "You know that…" Joan: "Oh, right. Well, it must be finals. Mush brain." Adam looks concerned and asks, "Are you avoiding me, Jane?" She quickly replies, "Of course not! Why -- why would I do that?" He doesn't know. Frink comments that she's a terrible liar. She says they'll meet on the roof tomorrow after study group. He agrees to that pleasantly enough, but quickly turns away, leaving with a hurt look on his face. She calls after him and he stops and turns: "What?" She walks up to him, looking like she's going to tell him she loves him, but she kisses him instead. She tries to smile brightly; Adam can barely return a weak smile.

She turns and walks down the hall, fretting. She notices Cute Guy God -- with new, improved hair -- standing at a locker. You have to love the set/props people: on the top shelf of the locker there's a little globe. Frink: "He's got the whole world in his…locker." There are also a bunch of astronomical images taped up inside the door. Many thanks to LostinSpace, who contributed the following information: they appear to be "false-color image of the Large Magellanic Cloud, just outside our galaxy; almost certainly M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, outside ours; a diffuse or planetary nebula nearby our solar system, probably M1, the Crab Nebula, or the inside of M42, the Orion Nebula; almost certainly M81, a spiral galaxy; a horizon shot from here on earth of the Aurora Borealis. Thus God's locker has an almost certain combination of earthbound, inside-our-galaxy, and outside-our-galaxy pictures of the heavens." Make of that what you will. Joan: "Great. So you have a locker here now. What do you keep in there? Wrath?" Gonna need a much bigger locker for that, especially if we're talking about Old Testament God. Cute Guy God asks, "So you're going to walk away from him just when you're starting to get close?" Joan says she needs some time to think: "I don't like what you're asking me to do." He says he just asked her to get to know him better. Joan: "I did! It's turning out to be really weird." Cute Guy God: "Intimacy is never easy, Joan." She pleads, "Why are you doing this to me?" He walks off with a Godwave.

Back at the courtroom, Will walks up to Kevin and demands, "You couldn't give me a heads-up?" Kevin: "I didn't think they'd print it, but they thought it was a new take on the system, so…" They did? "Too soft on crime" is a new take on a judicial system? Will ignores Kevin's obvious satisfaction with himself and says, "You killed the guy's plea bargain." Kevin: "What's the problem? It's your collar. I thought you'd be happy." Will wonders why ruining a man's life would make him happy. Kevin thinks what the lawyers agreed to (felony reduced to misdemeanour; one year of probation and no jail time) is a crock and that the perp doesn't deserve to walk. Will: "Oh, so three days in the courthouse and now you know the whole system?" Kevin says he did his research on repeat offenders who got plea bargains. Will: "Then you know that I was part of the deal. It was carefully designed to help the guy and now Pollack is going to jail for two years. And he'll never get custody of his kid again because of your damn article." Kevin falls back on the creaky old "all I did was report the facts" line. Will persists: "His life is a fact. Decent people screw up. It's not so black and white." Now Kevin's mad: "No? I screwed up. I didn't get to make a deal. Where's my deal?" Will: "Well, I'm sorry, but that excuse doesn't work this time!" The judge bangs her gavel and says, "Detective Girardi! I imagine you want to stay on my good side, so shut it." She calls the next case, and Will gets up and walks around behind Kevin's wheelchair. He grabs the back of it and starts pushing Kevin outside.

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