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Out on the dance floor, Price is dancing with a woman I presume is another teacher, though he looks like he attended the same dance school as Friedman. Macy Gray is playing, but he appears to be hearing either Devo or the B-52s, if you ask me. Friedman's gyrating with Glenys again, and he bops over next to Luke and Grace. Luke's making an effort, but is not going to be onstage in Madonna's next concert tour either. Grace is a little better; she at least has some rhythm and doesn't move like there's some alien being inside her body that's trying to escape. Speaking of which, Friedman marches Glenys over to where Joan's trying to get Steve to dance. Friedman continues parading her all over the dance floor -- buddy must think there are extra points for mileage -- as Joan tells Steve, "Don't think of it as dancing. Just pretend like you're on fire or something." Hee. Joan dances around Steve as he stands there trying to get with the program. As the song ends, Glenys is thrown into Joan, who lands against Steve. The DJ starts a slow song and advises the guys to "pull her close," so they just go with it, after some initial hesitation.

Steve mumbles something to Joan's shoulder, and Joan says, "What?" Steve manages to stammer out that she smells nice. She smiles a little. They keep dancing and he suddenly dips her, just a very shallow one. She's pleasantly surprised, and giggles with delight. Steve laughs and admits he's always wanted to do that. Joan says, "Do it again." I hate to admit it, but they have some chemistry. He takes her hand gently and they dance another moment before he tries again. He miscalculates this time, though, and Joan goes down a little too far and ends up lying on the floor, laughing. Before Joan can even get up, Price is there, asking what's going on. Steve: "Nothing, she fell." Joan: "We were just dancing." Helen zooms over too: "What's going on?" Joan laughs, "Nothing!" Price: "That's not what I saw." Steve slaps Price's arm away, saying, "Get your hand off me!" Helen doesn't seem upset; she just asks Joan if she's okay. Joan says she is. Price starts to grab Steve as he objects that he didn't do anything. Before long he's got his hand inside Steve's jacket and has discovered the liquor bottle: "Oh, really? Then what is this, Mr. Ramsay?" Joan points out it's not even open. Price: "You brought alcohol onto school premises -- which you know is grounds for expulsion?" Joan yelps, "What?" Steve slaps Price's arm away again and backs away. He runs out, throwing a chair to the ground on the way. Joan, horrified, starts after him as Helen grabs her hand and says, "Don't you think that's enough now?" Joan shakes her hand free and says, "God, Mom, you act like you wanted something to happen!" Helen: "I wanted you to go with someone decent!" Joan doesn't know what to say to that, and runs out. As she passes the DJ, he says to her, "Don't let him go, Joan!" Joan stops and says, "You said all I had to do was listen to him!" DJ Kool G: "You're not finished. Hurry!"

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Joan of Arcadia




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