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The bell rings, and everyone leaves as Grace suddenly gets interested in the sugar-powered light bulb. She dips the wire a few times, making the bulb flick on and off, as Luke nervously stammers and stumbles over trying to ask Grace about the science fair. He doesn't get very far before Grace asks, annoyed, "What is with these sanctioned mating rituals that make everyone drool over each other like zombies?" Luke suddenly realizes she thinks he's asking her to the dance, and he's quick to explain he's referring to the science fair. Grace: "I already said I'd do that. Why are you getting all sweaty?" Luke reminds her she told him to ask her again closer to the date. She takes the pencil out from behind his ear and starts writing on what I presume is the application form, saying, "I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like I'm going to be any help." Luke assures her he has a "file folder full of ideas." Grace: "Whatever. As long as I don't have to wear a dress." Luke chuckles, "Yeah, me too." Grace gives him a weird look, but there's an indulgent glint in her eye. Luke back-pedals: "Not that I would ever wear a dress..." Grace sticks the pencil back behind his ear and whispers, "It's okay, man." Hee. Just kiss already!

Police station. Toni asks Will if he's seen the report on the Kaminski homicide. Before he can answer, his assistant Jeanne comes up and tells him, "I just looked up the Ramsay lawsuit payments in the city payroll, the ones you asked about." Will says, "Okay." Jeanne: "The payments are going to his mother. It's nothing unusual. But while I was in there, I saw this." She hands him a document and Will reads it, commenting, "Well, that's funny. I don't remember signing you up for a monthly bonus." Jeanne says that's her name on the city payroll. Er...wouldn't her name be in there somewhere, given that she works for the police department? Or maybe by "city" she means employees of City Hall. Toni asks who's receiving the cheques. Jeanne vehemently says she's not: "I've never seen one of these payments!" Will instructs her to put a trace on the P.O. box. She already did (does she have the authority to do that on her own?), and hands him another document. Will reads it and looks at her: "Oh, boy." Jeanne nods. Will tells her it's all right, and thanks her. Will motions Toni into his office, telling her as he closes the door, "Apparently Dennis Rowley is still collecting his Chief of Police Jeanne's name. And it's better than mine, I might add." Toni wonders if he thinks it's graft. With a slight Fat Tony edge, Will replies, "I don't think it's his pension." All right. Time to bust some municipal ass! Lines he's already memorized for The Simpsons which he may find useful: "I am not so much disappointed as I am blinded with rage." And: "I want the mayor dead, I want his wife dead, I want his cat and his dog dead." I'm kind of counting on getting to call some upcoming recap "Mayored to the Mob."

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