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Joan's asleep when her cell phone goes off. She picks it up and says, "This better be wicked important, Grace." Grace? Grace calls Joan in the middle of the night? I mean, quite a few people probably have that number, but she just assumes it must be Grace? Quite interesting to think that they have a sufficiently close relationship to support that assumption. A male voice says, "It's not Grace." Joan wakes up more and says, "Ramsay? How'd you get my number?" Ramsay replies, "It wasn't as hard as your address. You got a nice porch." Great. Stalker behaviour, always a good sign, especially in addition to anger management issues. What will it take to get her to read Gavin de Becker's The Gift of Fear?

Joan pads quietly downstairs with her robe open over her pyjamas. I think I would have gotten fully dressed for this little confab. She pulls the curtains aside and sees Ramsay sitting there waiting for her. She seems slightly concerned, but opens the door anyway, choosing, I guess, to remember God's comment about never putting her in danger. She asks what he's doing there. He says, not in a joking way, "There was nothing good on TV." Joan smiles incredulously, and she says gently, "You're crazy." Well, maybe. His face softens slightly. He asks if she wants to go for a ride. She's all, dude, it's 2 AM. While she's thinking of how to respond to this, she sees a light go on inside. Oh, boy. She says she has to go, and disappears inside. He stands there, wavering slightly, vulnerable and disappointed and maybe confused. She opens the curtain and watches him leave. Once he does, she turns and leans against the door, her face registering several subtle expressions: concern, uncertainty, a heavenward glance, and finally, an inexplicably affectionate smile. What's she smiling about, exactly? I hope she's not silly enough to find this behaviour flattering or intriguing. If you are a teenage girl who finds anything about Steve's behaviour thus far appealing or romantic...go see a shrink. And read the de Becker book, dammit.

Will and Toni are eating Chinese food as they pore over documents. Jeanne brings them "every report filed from January up to Rowley's departure last August." Wait -- when the show started, Will had been in Arcadia about four months. So shouldn't Rowley have departed in late May or so? The show's timeline has been pretty closely aligned with real time so far. Toni has a question about a note Jeanne's made regarding four meetings the previous Chief had with Internal Affairs in his last week of work: "Was the department being investigated?" Jeanne says, "Not that I'm aware of, no." When Will asks who he met with, Jeanne says it was the head of IA: "That was Roy Roebuck." Dun dun dun! Toni says he's in arson. Will says Roebuck got busted down after Rowley left: "But he won't say why." Toni says if he was head of IA, he was either after something or in on it. Will's sure he's not in on it. Toni wonders why he doesn't come forward: "And why take a hit instead?" Will just nods.

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