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Night time shot of Arcadia. Will and Toni are at a bar with Roy, who's saying, "So? A public official in Arcadia's taking graft. I thought you said you had something serious to talk about." Will says, "You know this is serious because it cost you your job." Toni asks how far it goes. Roy says he couldn't tell them: "I stopped before I found the end of it." Will assures him that he's got someone on his side this time, and that he won't sell him out like Rowley did. Roy: "This isn't just blowing a whistle and picking up another award for being the town hero. This could cost you everything you have." Will says they're not naïve about the implications. Roy reminds Will that he lost his career and his wife over this -- though I still don't think I'm clear on exactly why this cost him his marriage. Will: "You once told me you'd be one amazed son of a bitch if I did my job. I'm here to do it." Roy sighs and looks at Toni, who says nothing. After a bit of internal debate, Roy pulls out an accordion file full of information and places it on the table in front of himself, saying, "This is everything I got. It runs all the way to the top. Now, after I left IA, I put it away...figured I'd wait 'til the right person started asking questions." He pushes the file toward Will, adding, "I hope like hell that's who I'm talking to."

Will walks up behind DA Gabe Fellowes at some sort of putting practice place. (For those who are new to my recaps: I don't know or care about sports, and am hugely grateful to the writers of this show for hardly ever bringing up the subject and not leaning on weary sports clichés and metaphors as much as some writers.) Will apologizes for bothering him, causing him to miss his swing. Heh. Gabe says, "Chief Girardi. Another moment, that could have been a nasty news item. What are you doing here?" Will's got Roy's file under his arm. He tells Gabe he met with Roebuck, who had lots of interesting things to say, especially concerning Rowley. Gabe asks if he should be following something here. Will says affably, "Oh, let's not play our usual games, shall we, Gabe? Roy Roebuck collected enough evidence on corruption in this city to take you and possibly everyone else down to the ground. Now I know you cut a deal with Rowley about this to shut him up." (Why does the closed captioning say "Kaminski" instead of "Rowley"? Don't ask me.)

Gabe maintains a composed expression of polite interest throughout all this. Will says, "I want the same deal." What? Frink and I think he must be wearing a wire. Surely he doesn't think Gabe's quite that stupid...Gabe: "I'll say one thing, Girardi, that's, uh...that's an impressive learning curve." Will says he catches on eventually. Gabe claims he's got the wrong guy: "As far as I know, Chief Rowley retired to be with his grandkids. So if you have something I should know about, I suggest you leave it with me, and I'll see if it warrants an investigation." Will starts to leave, saying that if Gabe's not willing to work with him, he'll find someone who is. Gabe gets a bit touchy at this point, suggesting they "follow protocol; otherwise, the consequences could be dangerous." Will casually says he'd prefer to hold on to the file. Gabe: "It's not your area of expertise, Girardi. Let me handle it." Yeah, Gabe's the big expert on corruption. Will: "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear." Gabe: "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear: give me the package, Girardi. Now." Will pretends to consider this and says, "Then again, maybe it's best to play by the rules." He hands over the folder and walks away. Gabe wastes no time opening it up, only to find it full of shredded newspaper. He looks over at Will, who's stopped to turn and give Gabe a little smirk.

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