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The Medium and the Message

Helen's at the kitchen table with a bunch of papers and pamphlets when Will comes in, remarking that she's up early. She replies, "So are you," and seems not to have been expecting to be interrupted. He gripes about Charlotte and how much the search of the countryside cost the taxpayers. Helen says it was an interesting coincidence. Will sits down at the table with his coffee (which is in one of those mugs with a photo printed on it; the photo is of the three kids -- aw) and says, "Coincidences aren't interesting. They're common. They happen to the average person ten times a day, but nobody puts the SWAT team on alert." Helen reminds him that she's not the bad guy. Will smiles, apologizes, and kisses her cheek. He catches sight of the stuff she's looking at, as Helen says it's nothing. Will reads: "Holistic healing? Chakra energy? Lourdes?" Helen claims she's not taking Kevin to Lourdes: "I was just curious about alternative medicine." Will says, "No." She asks what he means. He tells her, "You can't do this. You can't let yourself go down this path of magical thinking, Helen." She replies, "I am just contemplating all the possibilities. What harm can that do?" Will: "Plenty. You think this is good for Kevin, dragging him around to quacks instead of letting him get on with his life the way it is? He's driving now. He's looking for a job. This is what we wanted, what you wanted." Helen explains, "I'm not looking for magic. It's more like..." Will: "What? Miracles?" She says she was raised to believe in them. Will: "So was I. I was an altar boy, for God's sake. And then I grew up." Someone once wrote on my boards that she thought "raised Catholic" might be the largest religion in the U.S. Sometimes I think that's true.

Helen, slightly agitated, says, "Well, I will tell you something, Will. I was happier when I believed it." Will gets up and kneels next to her: "Helen...our boy is paralyzed. His spine is irreparably damaged. There are no miracles. There is no magic. God is not coming down to fix it, and nothing is going to change. Please, don't leave me alone knowing that." Before Helen can say anything, Joan comes down the stairs, having overheard some of their conversation. She apologizes, and her mother says it's okay, asking if she's hungry and offering to make breakfast. Joan declines and runs back upstairs. Good scene; nice work from both Mary and Joe. (Get it? Mary and Joseph? Har. I can't take credit for noticing that, though -- someone else pointed it out to me.) I'm starting to feel like I get Will more, and get their relationship better. Helen = Mulder and Will = Scully.

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