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The Medium and the Message

Joan's starting to eat her lunch alone outside when Grace comes up behind her and asks, "Gonna eat all that?" Joan's surprised, but asks if she wants some. Grace wants to know what it is. Joan: "Salami and stuff. My dad's Italian. To him, a sandwich is like an opera." Frink and I crack up. Grace sits down and accepts half the sandwich. Joan starts to apologize to Grace, and Grace interrupts, saying, "Yeah, the taking of the's a symbolic act designed to avoid direct confrontation. Don't blow it." Joan says, "Okay," and they eat quietly, side by side. Grace finds a pickle slice in her sandwich, and tosses it. I will be so bummed if these two don't become good friends. I would love to see more of Grace.

At the Girardi dinner table, Will's complaining about how Daghlian pointed out that Batshit Crazy Lady did have a white car, like Charlotte said, despite the many other things she got wrong. Helen asks, "She didn't get anything else right?" Will admits there was a dog, but the psychic said "a man with a puppy." I wonder if he told any of them that she pulled a knife on him. He seems like he'd keep that to himself. He reminds them that there was no barn involved. Joan tells them not to fight. Will says he's not, and that ultimately, after all the time spent with the psychic, the kid was found through regular police work. Helen: "It's a miracle you found him alive." Kevin and Luke look uncomfortable, and Helen says, smiling, "I don't mean a miracle!" Will smiles too. Joan: "Can I interrupt this moment of family tension to say that I will not be representing the school in the chess tournament?" Luke, skeptically: "Was that ever a possibility?" Joan says there was a brief moment of insanity. Helen wants to know why she would turn down such an honour. Joan reminds her that she doesn't know how to play chess, and wonders why no one believes her. Kevin laughs, and Luke says he believes her. Kevin raises his hand, too. Joan says she doesn't understand it. Luke says it's just strategy, and a little bit of living in the future. Will doesn't want to hear any more talk about the future. Luke: "That's how it works, Dad. You see four moves ahead, it's empirical. You see five moves ahead, it's still grounded in science. I mean, who knows where the demarcation is? Now, if you see twelve moves ahead, maybe you're crossing over into the psychic phenomenon. And maybe -- maybe that's what a psychic does; she just reads the board of life better than we do." Kevin's listened attentively to all this. Will says there are a million people with white cars and dogs. Kevin blurts out, "She said I'd dance at my wedding." Everyone's stunned silent. He adds, "That's what she told me." Helen and Will exchange glances. Kevin smirks, "Then again, she said Joan has a special connection to the universe, so go figure." Joan tries to maintain an indifferent expression. Kevin carries on eating and smirking to himself as Richard Ashcroft's "God in the Numbers" plays. Joan tries to remain casual and neutral as she looks at Kevin, but there are whole worlds of emotions contained in her subtle expression.

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