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The Medium and the Message

Joan runs into Grace on the stairs at school and says, "Hey, thanks a lot!" Grace doesn't know what the hell she's talking about, so she just says, "'re welcome? However, I'm picking up a lack of sincerity here." Joan follows her, sniping, "You know, that's a nice act, pretending you're disenfranchised and oh-so not a part of the high school antics." Grace says she just wanted to get Luke to knock it off with the reeking aftershave, but she's sorry she brought it up. Joan accuses her of telling everybody she was in love with Dax Hibbing: "I don't even know the guy! Now his girlfriend is threatening to rip my hair out!" Grace replies, "This may come as a shock to you, but you and your sexual fantasies do not take up any space in my brain." Joan, oblivious to the fact that they've started to make a scene, and other students have hushed to listen to what they're arguing about: "Whatever. Just stop spreading rumours about me." Luke and Adam are nearby, and Adam asks, "Did she say..." Joan's walked off, and Grace follows after her (and Adam and Luke aren't far behind), saying, "Hey, Streaky!" Hee! "Streaky." That's cute. This probably isn't the best time for Joan to try out "Butch" as an affectionate nickname for Grace, though. "I don't think about you, one way or another. But while we're on the subject of puerile high school behaviour, you think I'm not onto your stupid sexual preference quiz? I didn't take the Dax Hibbing bait, so that means I'm singing in the other choir? The only thing more obvious than that is a fingernail test. My sexuality is my business!" Joan turns to look at her. Grace marches off, and Joan's expression reveals that she knows Grace is right.

At the chess club, Joan is playing chess against some young chess punk while the teacher yammers on about some "struggle on in the face of adversity" crap. Whatever, Teachy. He comes over to watch Joan's game as she makes a move. Her partner says, "Interesting...Fianchetto." Joan complains she has no idea what she's doing. Her partner is wearing an über-dorky printed turtleneck sweater. He scorns Joan's apparent confusion: "Yeah, like I'm falling for that." Joan: "The horse can jump people, right?" Turtleneck: "That's funny." The teacher asks how it's going. Turtleneck comments, "She's bold. Kudos for the Dresden variation. But I'm about to take her queen." Joan wonders which one the queen is. Turtleneck: "Oh yeah, you're psyching me out." Joan moves a piece -- I can't see which one -- and asks, "Can I do that?" Turtleneck: "Whoa! I should have seen that!" He gets up from the table and walks out, saying, "I should have seen it!" He storms out, complaining about being bested in six moves by a girl. Get a grip, boy. Also? Join the twenty-first century. Women wear pants and own property and shit. Joan asks, "What happened? Did I win?" The teacher sits opposite her and asks, "Who do you study with?" Joan says she doesn't study: "I tried to read a book." He laughs, not buying a word of it: "Where have you been, Ms. Girardi?"

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