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The Wages Of Sin

Will's practicing his putting in his office when Lucy comes along: "Well, somebody's in a good mood." Will smiles: "Setting a bad example? Sorry." As Will gathers up his balls, she says she was starting to think he didn't know how to smile. He tells her he convinced Helen on the countersuit: "I probably shouldn't celebrate…but after rolling over for so long…" Lucy says an explanation is unnecessary. She offers her help again, but Will thinks they're fine. She says she's just mentioning it because she has a friend in Chicago who found out some things. They discuss Mr. Baker's company, which makes shipping containers. She's discovered -- through friends here and there in securities regulation -- that there were tax irregularities when Baker and Burke went public, and Andy's father is suspected of cooking the books to avoid taxes: "His partner threatened to report him. Why else would a man walk away from a business after twenty years?" Well, I can think of about a dozen valid reasons, but never mind. She adds, "And I'll bet he might walk again, if he knew you had this." Will has an incredibly serious expression as he takes all this in. He asks, "So all this just came up in a conversation with old buddies?" Lucy replies, "Hey, I'm a cop. How many times do you get a chance to squash the bad guy before he hurts some good people?" Well…not to put too fine a point on it, but I kind of thought that was the job. You don't always get to prevent all harm but you can prevent lots of further harm. Will: "Next time…you should talk to me first." Lucy: "Yeah…but you woulda just said no." Seriously, what is her deal? I can't help but think, along with several forum posters, that the similarity of her name to Lucifer isn't accidental.

Adam opens his locker to find a laptop tied up in a glitzy red ribbon. As he puzzles over it, Joan jumps out of a nearby classroom and says, "Surprise!" She explains, with a kiss and hug, that it's a reward for being the best boyfriend on the planet. Well, it's about damn time she noticed. Adam looks dismayed. She quickly adds, "It's a loan! It's not a gift." Pay no attention to that red ribbon. She claims she talked her parents into getting it for her. Adam: "I thought you hated computers." She says she finally decided to join the rest of the world: "And you can borrow it. Which means you can work wherever you want, like…in places where I am." Adam's not convinced yet: "Are you sure you're not gonna need it?" She says she won't need it as much as he does: "It'll help you be more productive, which means the ad campaign will be better, which means more kids will stay away from drugs, which means they'll be better citizens and contribute more to society." No doubt. Adam: "Chah, I just wanted to not get fired." Joan: "And you won't get fired." He tells her this is amazing, and thanks her. Joan looks down the hall and sees her mother skipping down the stairs wearing the red leather coat. She walks up to Joan and asks if she wants a ride over to St. Agnes. Joan doesn't answer but manages to finally choke out a question about where her mother got her coat. Helen: "Vintage store with Lily." Seeing Joan's uneasy expression, she adds, "Hey, I haven't had a new coat for three years and it's secondhand." Joan says she has to return it: "It's way too Freaky Friday." Adam: "I think it rocks, Mrs. G." Joan smacks The Best Boyfriend On The Planet on the arm and stage-whispers, "Not helping." Helen thanks him. Adam: "Sure. And the computer is way cool, too." Helen doesn’t know what he's talking about, of course, but Joan grabs her and drags her off before she can find out. You can tell Adam's still not completely buying the whole laptop story.

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