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The Wages Of Sin

Will comes into Lucy's office. Her hair looks a little better here. Also, everything's not completely blue, thanks be. It was hard to follow this scene on the first viewing, because as soon as Will knocked on the door, Frink commenced some Jabba the Hutt-like growling. I think he has suspicions about Lucy. He actually does Jabba's voice fairly well -- at least as far as I can tell from clips. I've never seen a single Star Wars film. (That might get me fired if Glark reads this. Not to mention how sulky Frink is about that fact.) Will apologizes for being late, saying he had a personal thing and he should have run it by her. Lucy: "Relax, Will. That's an order." Professor Jabba: "Jabba knows everything." Would a woman in her position, commanding what is almost certainly a predominantly male force, wear as many cute, tight little cardigans as she does? She adds that she knows about Kevin's lawsuit. Will: "Excuse me?" She says it's her business to know about her people: "It could affect job performance." Professor Jabba: "Where's my money, Solo?" Will apologizes again, saying he had a meeting with his attorney. Lucy says that's not what she meant: "Look, if there's anything I can do to help…" Will assures her he can handle it. She says she went through a nasty divorce: "I know how important it is to have support at work." Will -- somewhat nervously, if you ask me -- notes that she still wears her ring. She laughs that off: "To fend off the guys at the supermarket. You ever been in the frozen food section at night? They should serve martinis." Me: "Martinis? What?" I have no idea what's going on, thanks to the running Jabba commentary. Frink, normal-like: "She's trying to be human." Then he's off on something else, in a robot voice: "Humanizing attempt not working. Refine focus. Bzzt! Bzzt!" Honestly, it's a good thing I don't have to recap these on the basis of my first viewing. I would have no idea what the hell is going on. But all this is just to keep me from thinking about this Will/Lucy thing, which I hope is not any kind of thing, especially not the kind that would require a slash or an ampersand or a plus sign, but which I'm starting to be afraid is indeed something in that realm. I hope it's all a red herring. Anyway: Will thanks her for her concern and starts to leave. She's all, "No problem." He suddenly turns and blurts, "It's stupid, we could have sued the kid who caused the accident, protected ourselves from all this." Lucy agrees: "Self-defense." Will says Helen didn't want punish him: "Thought knowing what he'd done to Kevin was enough." Lucy think Helen sounds like an amazing woman. Will confirms this. Lucy: "Maybe we could all get together sometime." Will nods and leaves. He can't understand the singed smell in her office. That was never there during Roebuck's reign.

At school, Luke sneaks into a locked room within a larger room. Grace is close behind. It's a room full of animals in jars of formaldehyde and insects in boxes and whatnot. I guess it's a storage room. Grace, looking around in wonder: "Dude, it's like a pet cemetery in here." Luke chuckles: "Lischak gave me the key. Science student of the year does have its privileges." You mean, apart from shagging Lischak? Grace: "This is so the beginning of a Stephen King novel." Luke asks her where she was last night: "I IMed you, like, a thousand times." Grace explains, "Oh, my mom was in rare form. Doing her Judy Garland act. Lots of singing, lots of falling down. Me putting her in the shower." Wow. So she's a theatrical drunk. That always compounds the potential for embarrassment. Grace tries to sound casual -- indeed, it's interesting that, now that Luke knows, she's managed to get this comfortable talking about it -- but Luke looks serious: "Where was your dad?" Grace: "He works late so he doesn't have to deal. It's their little unspoken bargain: as long as she's sober at temple, runs her meetings, and has everybody snowed, she…" Luke looks troubled. Grace: "Don't look all simpy, I'm used to it." Luke suggests talking to somebody. Grace: "Why? I'm almost out of there." Luke says it's two more years: "That's fifteen percent of your life so far." Grace gets impatient: "The test is on Thursday. Let's cram." They sit down and Grace says, "Dark matter, black holes, lay it on me." Luke starts talking apathetically about black holes, and interrupts himself to say, "You know, you don't have to be embarrassed to talk to me about this." Grace resorts to Plan B: she kisses him. Frink: "Ooh, I saw tongue." Grace, as flirtatiously as possible: "How's that for gravitational pull?" Luke just looks worried. Frink: "He's thinking too much. Kid's not normal." Grace starts kissing him again. Luke stops fighting it.

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