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The Wages Of Sin

Laugh Riot. The club, not the episode. I'm mystified that it's not spelled Laff Riot. Isn't it some kind of law that comedy clubs have to employ kooky orthography? Pete's onstage doing some stale old material about lawyers. Kevin arrives; Beth's surprised to see him. Kevin: "I was voted class clown. I gotta keep my chops up for the reunion." Reunion? He graduated, like, two years ago. Who goes to a reunion two years after high school? Whatever. Don't mind me. I'm one of those people who wouldn't go to a school reunion for all the VWs in Germany. Beth seems annoyed: "This isn't funny." Kevin: "The audience likes it." Beth gives him a look. Pete ends his act with yet another weak money-grubbing lawyer joke. Beth asks Kevin, "Are you…jealous or something? Because we haven't gone out for, like, two years. And you dumped me, remember?" Kevin sighs: "I know. Wanna get some coffee…or dinner…or an apology?" She says she's kinda busy at the moment. Kevin: "So this is a date." Pete comes over and asks if he totally sucked. Kevin: "No, man, you were hilarious." Pete thanks him and says, "Kevin, right? From The Herald?" Dude, you just met the guy earlier today. Kevin's wearing the same clothes, for heaven's sake. Why the dopey dialogue? Kevin says he's not writing a review: "I'm just checking out the competition." Yeah, Beth's feeling comfortable, in case you were wondering. Pete: "You're a standup, too?" Kevin: "Well, I'm more of a sitdown." Ba-dum-bump. Pete, who is not especially funny (nor possessed of much of a memory) but is clearly too nice for his own good, invites Kevin to join them for something to eat: "We could compare notes." Kevin declines and tells them to have fun. Beth nods; she obviously can't wait to get out of there. Kevin watches them go.

At school, Will's brought Helen lunch. "I felt like seeing my wife. That's not a crime. I know these things." Helen: "Hmmm…last time you brought me lunch at work, I spent a month packing dishes." Must have been a hell of a lunch. Will promises they're not moving. Helen asks, "Then what? You're going to be working vice and you're afraid you might meet someone?" Is that a hint? Are they trying to prepare us for something? God, I feel paranoid. I don't want to see one of them have an affair, but I might buy it if it were very carefully developed and substantiated. But I just don't see that happening with Lucy. Also, what's with Helen's push-up bra? She's wearing one of those highly structured bras with really stiff cups that totally show through thin T-shirts. I see so many women walking around with these showing through their clothes and it doesn't look as good as they think it does. They should stop it. Pick a more appropriate bra or a different top. Will tells her he wants to countersue the Bakers. Helen's dismayed: "And you thought an egg salad sandwich would change my mind?" Will: "Look, Helen…I know you're a better person than me. I know you have all this faith in the goodness of people. But do you really think the Bakers are suddenly going to realize how selfish they are, or the judge is going to see the light and throw the case out?" She replies, "Hey, don't patronize me. And don't use my faith to treat me like an idiot. You think I don't know how greedy these people are?" Will says they'll have to dig into the kids' college fund, or maybe even sell the house. Helen: "I just hoped we wouldn't have to become like them."

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