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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

The door opens, and Linda walks in. Petra and Cat hug her and squeal with delight. Cat interviews that it was a big surprise that David chose Linda, and that Linda had "her own reasons to go." Did she? Cat tells Linda that she wanted to go, and Petra adds that they never thought Linda would want to return. Linda says that she had a long time to make the decision. Petra asks why she decided to return. Linda says she was sad. Petra asks if it was to see the women, to see David, or to see Venice. She says it like she's joking around, but you know she's serious. Linda interviews that she doesn't feel comfortable "discussing what's going on between us." "Us"? She still hasn't said David's name when talking about her relationship. Linda says that she wanted to come back for the adventure. Cat interviews that she doesn't think Linda came back because of her feelings. She thinks Linda came back for the excitement. I think by "excitement," she means "cameras." Linda asks what she missed. Petra tells about her date in Sardinia. Linda interviews that she thought she might be interrupting the girls' feelings for David, and she wonders what David will do. Cat talks about her date in Capri. Linda says she missed the best part. Cat interviews that Linda missed "the whole journey." No! You can't call it a "journey." Unacceptable.

The women sit down. Cat talks about her trip to the sauna. Linda asks if they were naked, and Cat says they kind of were. Petra asks what Linda will say to David. Linda says that David already knows she's there. Petra asks how she thinks David will react, and Linda lies that she hopes it will be positive. Linda interviews that it makes her nervous that the women don't know she stayed with David at the ranch. How long were they at the ranch, anyway? Linda ties on a mask. Paul shows up with a dress and says that David bought it for Petra for their date. Petra leaves to prepare for the date. Linda interviews that while she was gone, something might have happened between David and the other girls, and now she wants to let the story develop and let David decide.

Petra walks down to the lobby for her date. She interviews that she is sort of a princess, and that she thinks David might be a good prince. Petra and David kiss hello. David interviews that every time he's around Petra, he's in a good mood. David interviews that he's taking Petra on a moonlight cruise to have dinner under the stars. He adds that he's nervous about how the others will react to Linda's return, and that they might think it's "jacked up," because he had their confidence and trust. David concludes that he'll have to kiss a lot of butt to keep the women happy.

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