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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

David meets Linda in the lobby. Linda interviews that she was excited to see if David still had "a sparkle in his eyes." David Eddie Haskells that he wanted to start his morning off right, so he knew he had to see Linda first. Linda interviews that she wanted to see what David's body language would tell her, and that it told her that she still had a chance. As they walk along, David twirls around and kind of does the moonwalk. That sure is interesting body language.

David shows Linda to their outdoor table. David says that he can't stress enough how happy he is that she came back. Linda says that she had a great time at the ranch, and that it was such an extraordinary experience for her. David shovels in the food and barely listens. Linda didn't think she would have the chance to meet a nice person. David tells her that it was hard to let her go, because she stood out among all the girls. Linda says that she's blushing. After they finish eating, they take a walk. Linda interview that it was kind of chilly, so David took her hand. He warmed her up by holding her hand? Linda says the date was more than she expected, and she believes in destiny, and that they were supposed to meet again. David interviews that he thinks Linda has a great heart. Linda interviews that her heart is full of love, and that she is ready to give it to him. "Him"? Not "David"? David pulls out a cell phone/camera and takes a picture of Linda by the water. They check out the picture, and it looks like a big pole is growing out of Linda's head. Nice photography. Then they pretend they sent the photo to Paul, which is lame.

David and Linda continue walking. Linda laughs that she has to give David a hard time. Linda interviews that she didn't want to tell David that she knows he's been kissing other women, because he could do whatever he wanted to since he thought he would never see her again. Linda says that she heard rumors about the other women, but doesn't come right out and say what she heard. David interviews that if Linda knew he was going around kissing everyone, she might think David was "unsincere" [sic]. Linda says it must have been difficult while she was gone, and that David was trying to establish new relationships. David interviews that when you date fourteen girls, you're going to kiss. Sure! Just ask Bob. David interviews that they got to the Bridge of Sighs, and he knew he had to make a move. David leans in for a kiss, and Linda waits until he's right near her mouth and then pulls back. Whoa. That was harsh. David interviews that he thought it meant she didn't like him. David apologizes and Linda giggles. Linda interviews that she wanted David to know that it won't work if she's just "the next one in the row." So instead of explaining it to him, she just giggles like a fool. David says he doesn't want to make her feel odd, and suggests that they go. David interviews that he doesn't know what's going on. Linda kind of sucks.

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