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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

Anique gets ready while Petra and Cat lie in bed. Together! I thought they hated each other. Cat is back in her pajamas, even though she was dressed at breakfast. Anique voice-overs that she thinks David likes her, and that they will have a fun date. David greets Anique outside the villa. David interviews that he thought Anique was stuck-up at first, but that since he's gotten to know her, he thinks she's amazing. David and Anique pull up to a heliport, and Anique is thrilled to ride in a helicopter. Anique interviews that she never expected it. They get into the helicopter. Anique voice-overs that she can't believe David remembered that she wanted to fly a helicopter. Yeah, like it was David who remembered, and not someone on the production staff. Anique checks out all the switches and lights and stuff. The pilot lets Anique be the co-pilot. I hope this doesn't end up like ER last week. Anique and David talk about how beautiful the view is. David interviews that Anique wanted the pilot to "drive more crazy," but that he didn't want that. David adds that they did all kinds of helicopter tricks and had fun. Anique interviews that this is a situation where you have "loads of fun," and afterwards you fall in love. Maybe that was poorly translated or something, but I have no idea what she's talking about.

Anique and David arrive in Portofino, which David describes as "a rich people's playground." So where's the diamond-encrusted jungle gym and the gold-plated monkey bars? Anique says that the hotel was beautiful, and that they had adjoining rooms. They check out David's room, which is huge. David is giggling like a little kid as he runs around, checking everything out. He's not doing a very good impression of a rich guy. There's a huge balcony outside that looks like it's about as big as my house. David interviews that Anique is easy to get along with, and fun. Anique pretends to be mad that David has a bigger room.

Back at the villa, Petra and Cat have lunch. Petra interviews that Cat didn't speak to her the entire time they were eating. Petra suggests to Cat that they play a game, such as chess. Cat pretends that she didn't hear her. Petra interviews that she finds Cat's attitude childish, and that she's fed up. Petra tells Cat that she's rude, and that Petra is trying to make the best of it and start a conversation. Cat says she doesn't want to "start stupid conversations." Petra tells Cat that she doesn't have to be so rude all the time. Cat interviews that Petra is giving her a hard time because David likes her best. Now that Olinda is gone, I guess they had to crown a new bitch or something. Petra says that if this is Cat's best effort, it really sucks. Cat voice-overs that she doesn't care what Petra and the others think, because she's there for David.

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