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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

David rides Hurricane through some woods. Hurricane! We've missed you, baby! David interviews that he's tired from his jet-setting lifestyle, and that he just wants to ride his horse. Hurricane is like, "I belong to no man! Neigh!" Paul voice-overs that David doesn't know that someone besides Hurricane will be waiting for him. I wonder who it could be?

Linda arrives at an airport. She voice-overs that, when she left the show, she had time to think about how she felt, and two hours before the flight, she realized that she wanted to tell him how he made her feel, and that he opened her heart, and that she hoped to go immediately from the airport to see him. Notice that throughout this interview, Linda never uses David's name. She could be talking about a boyfriend from home, as alleged by one of our forum posters.

David and Hurricane return to the house. David clicks his tongue, and Hurricane is like, "Don't rush me, bitch! Neigh!" Linda sneaks up behind them. David tells Hurricane that he doesn't want him to run off, and that he doesn't trust him yet. Hurricane is like, "Damn straight, I might run off. I'll run over to the villa where my bitches live!" David ties Hurricane to a tree and Hurricane is like, "Could you give me a minute to eat some grass! I'm starving!" As the camera follows Linda around, we get a shot of David's crotch, and it totally looks like he has a boner. I called my husband in for an emergency man consultation. He tried to make excuses for David in some sort of male solidarity, like, "Denim's a very stiff material and it could just be bunched up." After I protested, he said, "Maybe he just really likes his horse." That's what I'm saying.

Linda finally gets in David's eyeline and says hello. David grins and they hug. A lot of people in the forums who know about horses (unlike me) pointed out that David and Linda are standing right behind Hurricane, which is a good way to get kicked. That would've been awesome. You'd think David would be more surprised to see Linda. It's almost like he knew this was going to happen. David pretends to be really shocked. Linda interviews that she was nervous to see David, and that she thought he might still like her, but that she didn't know for sure, and that he has no idea what she's been going through. Linda interviews that, after the elimination, she couldn't sleep, and she would wake up in a panic that she made the wrong decision and had ruined her life. Linda tells David that she was under a lot of stress and wasn't used to all the attention. David says that he didn't want her to go. Linda interviews that she feels bad that she didn't get to explain it to him. Linda tells David that the other women teased her because David paid so much attention to her. Linda interviews that she should be stronger, and that she thinks it's due to her childhood. When did this become an episode of Dr. Phil? Actually, I would love to see Dr. Phil take on these losers. David and Linda sit and talk, and Hurricane whinnies in the distance. David suggests that they ride Hurricane, and Linda agrees. David helps Linda onto Hurricane's back. David climbs on too, and Hurricane is like, "What am I, Governor Schwarzenegger? One at a time! Neigh!" Linda interviews that she's looking for a man who will support her and help her get through life. David voice-overs that he's glad Linda came back, because it put some things to rest for him. The captioning continues (but David doesn't say) that he's happy with the three women he already has at the villa. Interesting. Why did they cut that out?

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