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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

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Aquamarine Necklace And Diamond Bracelet

Samantha finally walks out on the porch and announces that David is going to eliminate one woman tonight. The remaining two will get an aquamarine necklace. That's all Samantha has to say. She is really useless. Anique doesn't know what aquamarine is, and Petra says she thought it had something to do with a boat. Everyone laughs.

David and Paul join the women on the porch. David makes his usual speech about how grateful he is for the experience. Paul calls Cat's name first. There's no voice-over while she gets her necklace. Paul calls Petra's name second. David starts to apologize to Anique, but she says it's fine and gives him a hug. David doesn't know what to say, but promises that he might call her for a helicopter ride in the future. Anique says she'll join him. David says good night, and apologizes again to Anique, saying that it's his loss. The women all hug Anique. They sit and have another drink. Anique says she's wondering who will be the last one. Paul arrives to take Anique away. Petra kisses Anique's cheeks and says she's glad they met. Cat just sits there like a bump on a log. Anique packs her things. Anique voice-overs that she felt insulted, adding that she spent thirty-six hours with David, and that she really didn't expect to be eliminated. Petra and Cat are left sitting there alone. Cat says that Petra will have to move into her room.

Paul tells us that Linda has returned to further complicate David's love life. Paul wonders if Linda was brought back by love or money, and also how Cat and Petra will react when Linda rejoins them. Paul promises "new mystery and intrigue." New mystery and intrigue? That kind of implies that there has been any mystery thus far. Well, I guess there's the mystery of how anyone could find David remotely attractive after talking to him for ten minutes, the mystery of why David would agree to go on this show in the first place, and the mystery of why anyone is still watching at this point.

The next morning, Cat and Petra sit down to breakfast and promptly fall into silence. Cat interviews that it felt strange, because all the others were missing. Petra interviews that if Cat is in a bad mood, everybody has to know it. Flashback to everyone telling Cat she's rude. You know, these are the same women who allegedly convinced Linda that she should leave, so I don't know that I give a lot of credence to their views. Petra interviews that, now that she's the only one left, she's a victim. Cat interviews that she has had some conflicts with Petra, and that she thinks Petra doesn't like her. Petra interviews that Cat sees this as a game, and Petra wants to distance herself from that. is a game, right? I mean, it's not like they are both going after the same guy in normal, untelevised life. Petra digs through her purse for, like, twenty minutes. Paul walks in and asks the women to accompany him to the grand salon so that Samantha can make an announcement.

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