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Diamond Ring, Again

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Diamond Ring, Again

David's little dog runs out of the house and makes out with him. Linda thinks the dog is cute. David says it's great to have his dog, his horse, and his girlfriend. Linda laughs, instead of being insulted that she was last on the list. David and Linda talk about how grateful they are. Paul comes back out with champagne. Linda and David toast to their future. They hug, and David says he didn't think he'd ever see her again. They continue to hug, and then they kiss, and David totally has another boner. I think he has a problem. Linda interviews that she didn't know what a cowboy would be like, but that she learned that he was generous and unafraid to show his feelings. David interviews that things happen for a reason, and that Linda is pure, honest, and loving. In separate interviews, David and Linda both express hopes for the future of their relationship. David and Linda ride North around David's new ranch for two minutes and twenty seconds until blessedly, the episode ends. Well, that sucked.

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