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Diamond Ring, Again

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Diamond Ring, Again

Throughout these dueling interviews, Linda and Cat have been eating breakfast in silence. Paul shows up and tells them that David wants to have some time with each of them, so Linda will be having lunch with him, and Cat will be having dinner with him. Paul interviews that Cat and Linda are similar in that they are both quiet, beautiful, and elegant, so he wouldn't like to predict the future. I wonder why they didn't show more of Paul's "thoughts" throughout the season. Even though I'm sure they're totally scripted, they could have been kind of funny. Cat and Linda head off to their rooms for some more deep thoughts. Linda interviews that she knows how she feels about David, but that she doesn't know about his feelings for her.

Linda primps in front of the mirror while waiting for her lunch date. Paul interviews that Linda is pretty, gentle, intelligent, and pleasant, and that she has self-respect. Linda walks outside and sits at a table, writing in her journal. There's a slow-motion shot of her putting honey into her tea. What the? David finally shows up, and they hug. Linda thanks him for the bracelet. I'm really amazed by Linda's shirt. It's a one-shoulder white top made out of t-shirt material, and she has to be wearing a bra underneath, but you can't see it at all. I can never figure out how people do that. Usually a strapless bra would be sort of lumpy and obvious and give you uniboob. Linda leans in and kisses David to thank him. David interviews that the kiss surprised him, but that Linda's at a disadvantage, because he hasn't had as much time with her.

David and Linda walk to a clearing in the woods, where a table is set up for them. David interviews that he likes Linda, but that she rejected him once, and that he's afraid that when he tells her about his big lie, she'll do it again. David reveals what a wonderful extemporaneous speaker he is when he tells Linda, "Put these things in my head sometimes, I think, 'cause I was, like, having a...a little doubt, like whether...'cause of, you know, with you and...stuff, you know what I'm saying?" No, I have absolutely no idea what you are saying. I don't think you know what you are saying. Linda asks if David doubted her. Linda voice-overs that David was acting strange, and that she felt uncomfortable.

Back at the villa, Cat remembers her relationship with David. She remembers how they rode Hurricane together, and says that they always had fun on their dates. She thinks that they have chemistry, and that he likes her the most. Cat stubs out her dirty, dirty cigarette because she's a dirty, dirty girl. Or so they would like you to think.

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