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Diamond Ring

Evan and Zora stare at the check some more, and then he asks her to dance. Is there even any music that they can hear? They are totally trying to make this out like the ballroom scene from the animated Beauty and the Beast, except these two (a) don't love each other and (b) don't really know how to dance. After a bit, Zora asks Evan if she can kiss him, and he says yes. They kiss, and then Evan keeps going on and on about how he can't believe she asked to kiss him, since she was so shy. Yeah, half a million dollars will really loosen a girl up. Ooh, and they're totally making out, too, not just chaste pecks on the lips. Evan keeps talking and talking about it until finally Zora puts her hand over his mouth, but he keeps talking and she laughs. That was, like, the one moment in the entire episode that felt totally genuine and unscripted to me, and it was kind of touching. But not really. In an interview, Evan says that even if he never got the money, it wouldn't change his feelings for Zora. In an interview, Zora says that life doesn't get any better than this. Is she filming a beer commercial now? Evan tells Zora to smile because she's $500,000 richer, and she met him. Notice which one he said first -- the one she really cares about.

Evan and Zora make out some more. In an interview, Zora says that meeting Evan has taught her that miracles can happen, and she can't believe she's saying it, but she does believe in fairy tales. Okay, she's clearly had too much champagne so I'll cut her some slack. And they must have edited out the part where she was like, "And I'm rich! Rich, I tell you!" We close on a long shot of Evan and Zora kissing and dancing. Aw, I think those two crazy kids might make it happen. Because so many other couples from reality matchmaking shows have made it work. The best part is that the first credit is "Hosted by Alex McLeod" when she didn't even appear in this episode. A booted-off contestant got more airtime than she did this week. The producers clearly hated her and had already sent her home.

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