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Diamond Ring

Zora and Sarah eat a meal together. I just noticed that Zora's denim shirt has patchwork on the shoulders. What the hell is that? Is she leaving France that night to join the rodeo? The women sit there in silence. Zora voice-overs that they feel awkward and it's not comfortable. Or maybe she's talking about how she feels when she's wearing those skintight jeans she had on during her walk with Evan. In an interview, Sarah says, "It's my game, and I'm in charge. He's all mine!" In an interview, Zora says that she realized that one of them would be leaving. Did she just figure that out? Also, that interview could have been done in any of the past few weeks.

In an interview, Sarah says that she doesn't want to use the word "naiveté." Well, obviously she does want to use it, because she just did. Sarah thinks that Zora is so trusting and accepts everything at face value. Sarah wants to tell Zora to get a clue and asks if she just fell off the turnip truck. Meanwhile, Zora has totally finished her food while Sarah has a full plate left. Is Zora the fastest eater ever? Or is Sarah on her second helping? These are the things I worry about instead of caring who Evan picks. In an interview, Zora says she and Sarah are so different, and she can't believe Evan picked them both. So the theme that is emerging is that Zora is the innocent good girl and Sarah is the bitchy bad girl who has sex. I just wanted to make that clear now, in case they don't reinforce that throughout the episode. Because, you know, it's not possible that a woman could be a good girl and still have sex, or be innocent and also be a bitch. Or be sexually assertive and still be a good person. FOX is all about the madonna/whore complex.

The women continue to eat salad, and suddenly Zora's plate is full again. It's magic! Sarah asks Zora if she will feel weird with Evan. Zora agrees that it might be strange. And then suddenly both women are eating, like, scrambled eggs or something as Sarah says that it's "getting weird around the chateau." Also, is Sarah drinking wine with breakfast? And could these two have less to say to each other?

Evan paces around his room. In an interview, Evan says that he's made his decision and he thinks it's right, but now he has to tell "this amazing girl" who he really is, and he's not sure how she'll take it. At least they convinced Evan not to wear his flip-flops and that shapeless sweater for this segment. They cut in the same footage we saw last week of Zora and Sarah getting ready. In an interview, Evan says he's also nervous to tell the girl he hasn't chosen that she's not the one, because she might have feelings for him. Also, she might attack him. Or she might fall into a heap and sob and pull her hair out. Because no woman could live without Evan's charm and grace.

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