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Diamond Ring

Zora looks down and away, and to me she looked more disappointed that he lied than disappointed that he wasn't rich, but how could I really know that? I also thought Evan was going to keep going on that theme, like: "I don't have five thousand dollars. I don't have five hundred dollars. I don't have fifty dollars. I don't have five dollars. I don't have fifty cents. I do have five cents, but that's only because I found a nickel on the floor in the hallway." Evan apologizes for lying, but says he wanted to find someone who loves him for who he has and not for what he may or may not have. Evan says he knows it's been hard for her, but he reiterates that she's the one he chooses and if she wants to accept that, he wants her to come to the ballroom tonight and let him know. Zora is completely silent throughout, which I find really difficult to believe. Wouldn't you have a million questions? Like, was Paul in on this? Did the other girls know? Do they know now? Why would you do this? Why do people think Jerry Lewis is funny? Okay, maybe not that last one. But they are in France, so she might get an answer. I think Zora said stuff, but they edited it out so we wouldn't get a sense of what her answer might be. Evan gets up and walks out. In an interview, Evan says that Zora is an amazing woman, and that they had a lot of ups and downs but managed to get through them together. He makes it sound like they've had fifty years of marriage and he's remembering the time the baby got the croup. Evan says that Zora makes him feel comfortable being himself, and he hopes she can forgive him for lying. Zora sits alone and looks like she does not have a thought in her head, if you ask me. She might be slightly hungry. That's all I got.

Sarah primps for her meeting with Evan, and we get to see that same shot of her putting on lotion for the eight millionth time. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen Sarah rub lotion onto her arms, I would be a millionaire. Paul asks Sarah to come down to the salon, and they walk down together. They don't skip or hop. They walk. And I know this, because I saw it all. Also, as I mentioned last week when we saw this same footage, Sarah brings her coat and purse for no apparent reason. Zora didn't bring her coat. I don't know. Sarah does ditch the coat and purse before entering the salon, though. As always, Sarah really needs to lay off the eyebrow pencil. Evan walks in and sits down next to her. He asks if she's nervous. She says she can't tell if it's nerves or caffeine. Evan says that his is definitely nerves.

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