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Emerald Necklace, Again

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Emerald Necklace, Again

Petra interviews that, after dinner, David asked the women to camp out with him. David grabs a bottle of wine to take with them to the campsite. He's being very loud and outgoing, so I think he's drunk. Various women excuse themselves to change into more appropriate attire, leaving just David and Cat standing outside. Cat has on a skirt and slides, which she claims are perfect. I guess if they worked to ride the horse, they'll work for camping, too. David says that there are wild boars around. Cat laughs, and David says that they might be at the campsite right now. Is he trying to get her to go with him or not? Because normally that wouldn't be enticing to most people. Cat laughs and says that it will be an adventure. David interviews that he thinks Cat is beautiful, and that they shared a connection. Oh, and did they take a journey to become more authentic? Spare me the psycho-babble. The women return, having changed, and David leads them off to the campsite.

The women arrive at the campsite. It seems pretty windy. Olinda interviews that they were going to have a beer. The women gather around and drink beer, except Linda, who sits off to the side by herself and watches. Olinda yells, "Wasted!" Anique interviews that someone came up with the idea to sing songs. Groups of women get up and sing traditional songs from their homeland. What would Americans sing? "You're A Grand Old Flag"? "Hang Your Head Down, Tom Dooley"? "Crazy in Love"? David voice-overs that he didn't know what the songs' lyrics meant, but that he enjoyed it anyway. On Linda's turn, she and Kristyna sing a song. Linda explains that it's a sad song about heartbreak. David ponders this. Or maybe he just has gas. Later, David shows the women where they can sleep. Anique interviews that they were given the choice of sleeping in a tent or in the hotel. Lina says she doesn't want to sleep in a tent because she's scared of snakes. David assures them that it's fine if they want to go, but that he needs to know who is going and who is staying. David voice-overs that he thinks Petra is the only true "outdoorsman." Is he saying that Petra is a man? Petra interviews that they camped out under the stars, and that it was beautiful. Anique interviews that she, Cat, Petra, and Alessia stayed at the campsite.

David asks Linda where she is sleeping. Linda says she's going to the hotel. A gong sounds. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Linda. It tolls for thee. Giada interviews that David was upset that Linda didn't camp out. Linda interviews that David was hoping they would camp out, but that she was worried the women would gossip about her, and she had to run away. God, Linda. Grow a spine. Who cares if the others gossip? They're women. That's what we do. David interviews that he's disappointed, because he thought that he and Linda were getting a lot closer, and that he doesn't know what happened.

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