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Emerald Necklace, Again

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Emerald Necklace, Again

The next morning, Safari Paul walks up to the campsite. He discovers that only Cat and David are left. David interviews that the other girls snuck back up to the house during the night, except Cat. I think if I really liked a guy, and was trying to impress him, I would camp out. Maybe David and Cat started making out or something and the other women were trying to give them some privacy. Nah. They would have showed any making out. Paul says that breakfast is being served up at the hotel. Paul asks if it was a good night, and if they had fun. David says yes on both accounts. Cat gives a coquettish look. David heads for the outdoor shower, and Cat does the walk of shame back up to the hotel.

Paul knocks on the women's doors to wake them up. Paul voice-overs that he heard the women talking last night, and that they seem to be jealous and trying to convince Linda to leave. That is such horseshit that they didn't get this alleged convincing on tape. Do they only have one camera crew? This whole episode would have been so much more interesting if we could have heard what the women said to Linda. At breakfast, Linda arrives last. Linda interviews that she couldn't sleep, because the group's attitude was too tough to deal with, and she could tell the other girls didn't want her to stay. David arrives at the breakfast table and says that he has a headache from all of the wine. He asks Linda if she went right to bed, or read her book first. Linda says that they all talked. Anique interviews that she noticed Linda and David were having a private conversation, and that Linda was scared to say that she wanted to go home. The other women are totally staring at David and Linda, trying to figure out what they are talking about. The editors recycle an interview from about twenty minutes earlier, where Linda says she's not used to dealing with jealousy. Man. It's bad enough when they reuse interview footage from one episode to the next, but within the same episode? Linda tells David that she didn't want to get into any conflict, and that she doesn't want to talk about it. David says that they should talk about it. Linda says that she can't do this anymore, and that she would like to go home tonight. The other women totally don't react. Neither does David -- at least, not at first. Then he looks a tiny bit sad. He hardly looks like the love of his life has rejected him. David says he hopes it isn't because of something he did. David interviews that he was disappointed, because it's like a little kid getting a bike for Christmas and then having it taken away. Is he trying to say that he wants to ride her? The women return to their cars for the ride back to the villa. David voice-overs that he's lost now, and that he doesn't know what he will do at the elimination. He stands next to Hurricane and ponders life. Hurricane's like, "Dude, you can have my sloppy seconds if you want. Also, neigh."

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