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Emerald Necklace

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Emerald Necklace

The remaining four women stay on the boat. In an interview, Mojo says that they are all starting to build relationships with Evan. Zora voice-overs that they're all more interested in Evan than they're willing to say. In an interview, Melissa says that some of the women (Mojo) try to do things to make sure they get to the next round (blowjobs). In an interview, Mojo says she wants to stay, but that the next round will be even more difficult. Luckily, she can delve into her arsenal of assy accessories (assessories?) to win her man!

Paul sits by the fireplace and says that it's a pity because he liked Alison. Me too! But I'm glad she lost. Paul says that Evan might look back and think that Alison was the one that got away, and Paul warned him that "a faint heart never won a fair maiden." Paul says that next week, Evan will move into the chateau for some "late-night rendezvous" in the hot tub. Is it hot in the hot tub?

Next week: The competition gets fierce. Sarah has a fabulous date with Evan. Someone is drunk. Evan? Evan kisses some of them. Evan thinks someone is an opportunist and says he has no chemistry with someone. And then he gives out ruby necklaces. Whoo!

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