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Emerald Necklace

Evan opens the door to find a woman carrying shopping bags for Mojo. Mojo opens the shopping bags and finds dresses inside. Ha! They were so confident that she would pick an inappropriate dress that they bought her some new ones. In an interview, Evan says that Mojo has got "this suck-you-in aura." I'm sure she would suck you in, Evan. To me, she just sucks. Mojo tries on the different dresses and models them for Evan. In an interview, Evan says that Mojo was "falling out of one dress, which was all right with" him. As I've said before, when he makes comments like that, it kind of ruins the whole "I don't want a superficial relationship" vibe he's working. ["Especially when he then goes and gives interviews to the press where he says that a distaff version of this show would be one where the chooser is a woman with really big breasts, and then the twist at the end is that they're falsies, and she's really flat! Ha ha! Good one, Evan! Ass." -- Wing Chun] Evan says that Mojo chose the dress she was falling out of because the other one was too big. Mojo models the dress, which I don't really think she's falling out of. I actually think (and I can't believe I'm saying this) the dress in which she arrived was nicer, if only because it fit her better. Mojo struts down some stairs, holding her fucking hat on her head. In an interview, Mojo says, "A person who walks in with a hat shows confidence. They [sic] know they're beautiful on the inside and out, so they don't care to cover it up." But doesn't the hat cover up your head? Wouldn't not wearing a hat show more confidence, by Mojo's definition? Ah, Mojo is a paradox wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a fucking hat.

Evan and Mojo get into a car. In an interview, Evan says he knew Mojo was very interested in him from the way she acted. She stared at him a lot, he says, and it "freaked [him] a little bit." We see Mojo and Evan eating dinner and not talking at all. In an interview, Mojo says that they didn't talk the whole time, because they were just enjoying the date. Cut to Evan and Mojo making ridiculous conversation about her hair and skin color. In an interview, Evan says that they were making up stuff to talk about because they couldn't get a conversation going. Isn't this the same girl who dominated the conversation on the train? Maybe she can only talk about herself and doesn't know how to have an actual give-and-take conversation. Mojo talks about how her tomato squirted her. In an interview, Mojo says that their dinner conversation was very smooth and that they got to know each other. Cut to Evan asking Mojo if her steak was good. In an interview, Mojo says she thinks there was a spark and that they have a lot in common. Yeah, they're both dumb as stumps.

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