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Emerald Necklace

Now it's time for Sarah's date. Ooh, actually, first it's time for some more footage of Evan in his underwear. What, I'm supposed to be impressed by his mental abilities? Evan and Sarah will be taking tango lessons. As he gets ready, Evan says Sarah seems fun, and that she gets along with everyone, and that she loves to talk. Cut to Sarah, Alison, and Melissa lying on a bed and talking about what Sarah should say to Evan. Well, Sarah is talking about it and Alison is rolling her eyes and Melissa is probably still wondering if her teeth are really that big. In an interview, Sarah says she was nervous so she tried to come up with "a revelry of questions." A revelry of questions? I don't think that means what she thinks it means. ["I think maybe she meant 'bevy.'" -- Wing Chun] Sarah continues to come up with more questions. In an interview, Alison says, "Her mind is working at a ridiculous rate, as well as her mouth." Sarah keeps cracking herself up. Melissa says that Evan steers clear of hard questions, and Sarah says she can't think of any. Meanwhile, Melissa is investigating Sarah's hair like a monkey. Those girls are weird.

Paul says that Evan is a difficult man to fit. Evan says they breed them big in the South. Paul brings up Sarah's name and says she was quiet that morning. She was? Not from what we've seen. In an interview, Paul says that Sarah seems self-absorbed, and spent a lot of time preening. Sarah, with curlers in her hair, does a little dance in front of the mirror. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah is "a little rigid." See, I still don't see where he's getting that impression. She seems goofy and ditzy, but not rigid. Maybe she just acts totally different around the other women. Evan says he took Sarah to tango lessons to "loosen her up a little bit."

Evan picks Sarah up and announces their destination. Sarah takes off her coat, and she has got quite a rack. I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to notice when she wears that tight a sweater? Evan gives Sarah her presents first. Sarah opens them to find a whole tango outfit, including a red bustier, new shoes, a skirt, and a scarf. In an interview, Sarah says that in Evan's position, she might start to get snotty or selfish, and he hasn't. Sarah thanks him and gives him a kiss. See? Not rigid. Evan tells her to put the clothes on.

Sarah walks out wearing the outfit, and she looks great. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah has "a great little rocket body." What does that even mean? She has booster engines that detach? ["She's tubular with a pointy head?" -- Wing Chun] The female instructor begins to teach. Sarah voice-overs that it was a little uncomfortable at first because the teacher didn't speak English. The instructor tries to demonstrate the moves to Evan, and he mimics her. Then the instructor grabs Sarah and starts dancing with her, which Evan describes as "kind of a pick-me-up." Sarah does look awesome in that outfit. In an interview, Sarah says they were learning how to do it and also having fun. Sarah and Evan dance together. In an interview, Sarah says it's a sensuous and elegant dance, so it made her feel comfortable with him. They dance closely. Her shoes are awesome.

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