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Emerald Necklace

Evan takes Sarah home, and she thanks him for their date. He leans in for the goodnight kiss. In an interview, Evan says that the date went well, and that Sarah's gorgeous. They show the kiss again in slow motion even though it was really just a peck. That night, Sarah and Melissa smoke together. Sarah says that Evan is a great guy, and Melissa agrees. She's happy that Sarah had a good time. Sarah says it was really fun. Sarah is clearly not a regular smoker. You can tell by the way she doesn't inhale. Sarah says that she and Evan have been platonic, and then on the date she had her leg wrapped around him, which kind of broke the ice. Sarah pauses and then asks if Melissa kissed Evan on their date. Melissa says she kissed him on the cheek and Sarah one-ups, "Ours was on the lips." In an interview, Sarah says she thinks Evan is fabulous, and that she likes "suave cultured guys," but that she'll take "a diamond in the rough." Then they cut in two shots of Sarah and Melissa to make us think Sarah is being all smug and Melissa is being all distressed, but really maybe Melissa just had a headache from that champagne. Or maybe Mojo walked in wearing another hat. Putting Mojo's date first was a bad idea, because now this episode has been Mojo-free for far too long.

The next date will be with Zora. In an interview, Evan says he's "intrigued with Zora because there seems to be, like, a mystery behind her." This coming from a man who is probably shocked when the zoo keeper pulls off his mask in an episode of Scooby Doo and reveals that (gasp!) he's the villain and if it wasn't for those meddling kids, he would've gotten away with it. In an interview, Zora says she's dated wealthy people, but that she had little money growing up, so she's still a bit intimidated. Zora and Evan go to dinner in "a quiet bistro." Zora admits that she's a little uptight, and Evan says he could tell. In an interview, Evan says he could tell things weren't going to go smoothly. Evan asks Zora to tell him a little bit about her family and background. Zora says, "It's not, like, the best topic." What a weird thing to say. Is her dad in prison or something? Why wouldn't she just say that she had a difficult childhood and then change the subject to her college years or something from her past that she is comfortable discussing? In an interview, Zora says that it was more like an interview than a date. Evan tells her to ask him anything she wants to know. Zora asks if he has a good relationship with his both parents, and Evan says he's from a close family. Zora plays with her hair and looks really uncomfortable as Evan tells her that he wants to know some things about her. In an interview, Zora says she didn't have a great childhood and that she's not comfortable discussing that with someone who had a perfect childhood. So just say that! I don't see what the big deal is. I certainly have met people who didn't have happy childhoods, and it's not like you need to go on Oprah and confess all your problems. Just change the subject. Zora's being really strange about the whole thing. The waitress takes Zora's plate and she apologizes for not eating much and wasting food. She asks Evan what he's thinking about. He says he's taking in what little information she's given him. He says he got a lot from Sarah and Melissa. Well, that was shitty. Way to make her feel even more uncomfortable. In an interview, Zora says that Evan told her he had a fabulous time with the other girls and that she gave him nothing, which was hard to hear. Zora says she could pretend to be someone that she's not, but it seems like too much work, and she wouldn't want him to like her for being something she's not. Ooh, how prescient. Evan gets very serious and tells her to remember him saying this: "I know what it feels like to be portrayed as somebody that you're not." In an interview, Zora says that Evan repeatedly said there were things he's not proud of, and she wondered what he was getting at. Gee, I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to confide anything in her, since she's been so open about her own past. In an interview, Evan says he identified with what she was saying, and he thought he might have said too much. Evan asks Zora if she trusts him, and she shakes her head no.

Back at the hotel, the other women are dying to hear about Zora's date. They decide to call her room and see if she's back yet. Melissa calls and then pretends that Zora picks up to fool the other women. In an interview, Evan says he took Zora for a walk along the Seine and had an orchestra playing. He pronounces Seine "sane." As they walk toward the musicians, Evan has a bottle of wine in his hand, like, what is he, Jim Morrison, stumbling around the streets of Paris with a bottle of wine? In an interview, Evan says that the more he tries to win Zora over, the more she retreats. In an interview, Zora says that the more Evan picked up on her nervousness, the more uneasy she became. Evan gives Zora her gift, which is a music box. In an interview, Evan says he thought she would love it, but she got more uncomfortable when she opened it. In an interview, Zora says she thinks Evan's opinion of her went down. After opening the gift, Zora wipes away tears. Seriously, what is wrong with her? In an interview, Evan says that he felt frustrated by the end of the date because they couldn't connect, and he was second-guessing his decision to ask her to stay. In an interview, Zora says he wanted to know more about her, and didn't get to. As they walk off, Zora asks Evan if he enjoyed that music. Evan says, "Three weeks ago, I was driving a bulldozer..." and then he trails off. In an interview, Evan says that as soon as the words left his mouth, he knew he made a mistake. Maybe Production shouldn't let him drink an entire bottle of wine if they don't want him to slip up like that. ["Unless it was a fake slip." -- Wing Chun] Evan corrects himself and says it wasn't three weeks ago, but two years ago. In an interview, Evan says that he hopes Zora didn't notice his slip, and he doesn't think she did, because she just wanted to end their miserable date.

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