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Filler Necklace

Mastercheese Theater. Paul says that the ring is only the first of many surprises for the ladies. Paul is kind of bugging me with the eyebrows, too, like every time he makes a comment about Evan, he raises his eyebrows up as if to let us know he's in on the joke. Everyone on this show is bugging me this week. Also, the bumper to commercial promises us that soon "a choice will be made and the truth will be told!" I just know it's going to happen in this next segment. I mean, they've already given us so much information thus far!

In an interview, Sarah says that Evan is going to give one of them a ring as a sign that he's interested in continuing a relationship. In an interview, Zora says that the person who gets the ring will continue her relationship with Evan. So, what does the ring signify again? And will they both get a ring, or just one? Zora talks about how she doesn't like to think about getting the ring, because she's afraid she will psych herself out. Sarah and Zora hang out in their room. Sarah says she could live in the chateau forever, and she knows that their remaining time will go fast. Sarah is wearing a robe, and she's winding the belt around her hands in a manner that is really ironic given her past film career. Zora and Sarah continue to say nothing about how time has flown and blah.

Which means it's time to reminisce! About episodes we saw a few weeks ago! Remember the ball? It was Evan's formal introduction to the girls. Let's look at Sarah's introduction. They actually show some additional footage that we didn't get to see before where Sarah asks him how he's holding up, and Evan admits that he's nervous and jokes that he has a good supply of horse tranquilizers on hand. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah is not shy, but that she's not overbearing either. Sarah tells Evan that she lives near Beverly Hills. And here's Zora at the ball! I can't believe they didn't rehash the dress drama. At least that would have been interesting. Zora apologizes for her cold hands and Evan offers to warm them up. Then she does the tangerine-on-her-teeth bit that we saw before. In an interview, Zora says that Evan "exudes goodness." He does? Now Sarah gets her three-second waltz with Evan. He teases her for leading. Zora says she has no clue how to waltz. Sarah and Zora get their pearl necklaces. (Okay, hee!)

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