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Filler Necklace

Back in their room, the women talk about how beautiful their jewelry is. Sarah wonders if the emerald is two carats, and Zora says she has no idea about such things. Because Sarah is a gold-digger who only cares about money and Zora is the opposite. Or at least that's what the editors want you to believe. Sarah says she slept in her diamond necklace and checks it out, and then decides that it must be a carat. Zora says that what she really needs are things like pots and pans. Sarah says she needs to "stage a bridal shower" to get all the things she needs. They smile some more. Coming up: Evan confronts his fears as the girls await his decision. Okay, so that last segment was all about reminiscing, but now we'll find out Evan's pick, right?

Mastercheese Theater. There sure is a lot of Paul in this show. It's almost like the editors flew Paul out to L.A. to record some more of these fireside chats so that they could flesh out the episode. Paul says that Zora and Sarah are very different, which makes Evan's decision even more difficult. What I'm wondering is if anyone thinks Evan's decision is going to be easy. I wish they would weigh in on that. Is he struggling with it? Does he worry about it? Paul says that we now get to see how Evan spent his last moments with each woman.

Paul knocks on Sarah's door and tells her that Evan is ready for her, and is waiting in the library. In an interview, Paul says that Sarah's always late for everything, and then acts surprised when people are waiting for her. Paul thinks Sarah is self-centered. Paul says that it's a beautiful day for a walk. Sarah asks if they're going for a walk in the woods. Paul says he knows they're walking, but he's not sure where. Sarah says she needs to know so that she can wear appropriate shoes. She must want to wear a more appropriate blouse because that silky buttondown she's got on is straight out of the J.C. Penney collection. Paul advises her to change. Sarah doesn't seem to be in a big hurry to do so, and we see that she was wearing spike heels, like even if they were going into town like she thought, why would she wear those? In an interview, Evan says he took each woman on a walk so they could spend time together and he could potentially find something to help in his decision. Sarah comes downstairs wearing a fuzzy green sweater and jeans. She greets Evan with a kiss. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah's kiss meant, "I'm here. Touch me." What? I don't know. Evan adds that Zora was more standoffish. Zora clumps into the entryway and doesn't give Evan a kiss. In an interview, Evan says he thought he would have made up his mind by this point, but that he hasn't.

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