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Filler Necklace

Mastercheese Theatre. Shut up, Paul. Paul says that he hopes that the final moments with the women will help Evan sort things out. Why? Does he have a difficult decision to make?

Just how long are these walks anyway? Like ten miles? Zora asks Evan if the trips were better than he expected. Evan and Zora agree that they were unforgettable. Let's reminisce about Zora's plane ride and the rainbow she saw. Evan says they're in Corsica.

Sarah and Evan finally return to the chateau. Sarah wants to know some of the things on which Evan will be basing his decision. Evan says he's basing it on how the dates went, and reveals that one of his favorites was his date with Sarah in Nice. Oh, the one where she ridiculed him for not knowing about Parisienne gnocchi?

Remember when Evan asked Zora about her breasts? No? You don't remember? Even thought it just happened last week? Also, remember when Sarah acted sophisticated and Evan gaped like a deaf mute? Oh, wait. That happened every week. Remember when Evan and Zora went swimming? Let's watch ten fucking minutes of footage of them frolicking in the pool. You'd think they'd show more footage of the stuff that happened weeks ago and trust that we remember what just happened. Sigh. Evan and Zora kiss as cheesy music plays in the background. Remember when Evan gave Sarah a kiss goodnight and then she showed up at his door ten minutes later to look at the moon? And then they pretty much did it under a blanket? I think this episode was made for the dude from Memento.

Sarah and Evan are still walking. I thought they were done! In the background, you can see Paul the butler walking by, and then he sees the camera and skitters out of frame. That was the only moment in this entire episode that made me laugh. Sarah asks Evan whom he's going to pick. Evan doesn't answer and asks if she's nervous. Sarah repeats her whole "win-win" thing, and adds that she and Zora are friends. Now Evan and Zora are still walking. Zora can't believe that the whole thing is over and talks about how grateful she is for the whole experience. In an interview, Zora says it would be sad never to talk to Evan again after this, but that's the reality for one of them. Evan kisses Zora goodbye. Evan kisses Sarah goodbye and Sarah practically bites his bottom lip off in her efforts to be memorable. In addition to a new eyebrow pencil, Sarah needs to get a new bra because she's got a serious case of bifocal boob going on.

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