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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

Olinda puts on some perfume while primping for the date. She interviews that she doesn't have "an evil master plan" to get David. I think I would like her better if she did. Olinda adds that she doesn't chase guys, because guys chase her. Giada says that she knows she will be nervous and shy, and "it will be difficult to take out the words." A car arrives and whisks the women away.

The women arrive in Montecatini Alto. David waits for them, and we learn that this is the Pottery Date. As each woman exits the car, David greets them and proclaims that it's "perfect." There's a part of me that wants to count how many times per episode David says "perfect," but then there's a part of me that feels like it would just be too much work. David interviews that he was distracted when he greeted the women, because he was thinking about his lie. Giada is wearing a white top and skirt. Olinda is wearing a yellow tank top, camouflage pants, and a black studded belt. Kristyna is wearing a blouse that slides off one shoulder, a denim skirt, and a red belt.

David explains, as he leads the women up a hill, that they will be doing some pottery. Olinda interviews that they took a trolley to the top and had nice views on the way up, and that David told them about life on the ranch. Kristyna asks how he got his horse to Italy. David stammers and then one of the women supplies, "A plane?" He is toast. Olinda says that they didn't think that was right, but that it must be, and suggests that it was a cargo plane. David explains that in rodeos, some guys fly their horses to Canada. To Canada? Why, that's practically another country! David interviews that he doesn't know if it's possible to fly a horse somewhere, but that he figures he's supposed to have enough money to do whatever he wants. Olinda asks where Hurricane is now. Why are they so obsessed with the horse? I mean, I love Hurricane, obviously, but what is up with that? David looks panicked and then says that Hurricane is in a stable with some mares. The women all laugh at Hurricane getting lucky. Somewhere, Hurricane is like, "Don't hate the player. Hate the game. Neigh." Olinda interviews that they thought Hurricane wasn't really David's, but he is. Olinda asks if it's the horse's first time in Europe. Okay, seriously. Enough questions about the horse.

Giada interviews that they walked through the town square, that and it was very romantic. Kristyna says that they arrived at a cute house and met some Italian guy who explained to them how to make pottery. Krystina tries to throw a pot, but it gets all crooked. She's upset by the mud on her hands, and David offers up his apron. Each of them takes a turn at the wheel. David makes a really great bowl. It's actually kind of impressive. David interviews that Olinda was shaping her pot and she said, "I need super-balls." Hee! Olinda is totally making a phallic shape. She's clearly seen Ghost. The women laugh and laugh. Olinda interviews that she has a dirty imagination, so she kept making the clay more and more phallic. David interviews that he's surprised that the Europeans "get nasty like this." Yes, because in Europe, they are all classy with their accents and stuff. What a rube. Kristyna interviews that she thinks David isn't used to hearing girls talk like that. David brings out a tray with glasses of water. Olinda interviews that David is a gentleman, and that it's charming. David thanks that pottery guy for giving them lessons, and the group leaves.

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