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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

The women head to Pisa for their date. David interviews that Pisa is a great place for a first date, and that in Texas, they might go to Whataburger. Hey, don't knock Whataburger. David waits for the women. Karolina interviews that they all wanted to see Pisa, so she thought it was nice that David chose that date for them. Yeah, David had lots to do with that decision. David greets the women as they get out of their car. Alessia can't wait, and just jumps out of the car and calls David her husband again. At least she doesn't ask about the whores this time. Linda interviews that when David shook her hand, he didn't even look in her eyes, so she thinks he is shy. David tells the women that they all look nice. Didn't he see what Alessia is wearing?

David gives the women a tour of Pisa. When did he become such an expert? He shows off the Leaning Tower. David asks if any of them are Catholic, and explains that he is. He is? I never would have guessed that. I would have thought Baptist or Methodist. Alessia claims that she's Catholic too, even though the first time he asked, she didn't say anything. She suggests that they get married in the church in Pisa. David says "perfect" a few more times. Alessia interviews that it was weird that David was explaining the history to them, since he's from Texas and she's from Italy. David tells the girls that there's nothing like that in Texas. Alessia voice-overs that David studied a lot before their date. Karolina interviews that David is handsome like Woody Harrelson, and that she is impressed.

David asks the women if they want to go up in the tower, and they all agree. Karolina interviews that they went all the way up the stairs. Stairs? That thing has got to be at least eight stories high. Alessia jokes that it's a good workout. At the top, the women exclaim over the view, which is beautiful. Linda interviews that it seemed like "a pure beauty." Petra interviews that they saw the sunset from the tower. Alessia announces that she has a present for David, and pulls out a multi-colored lei, explaining that he gave them necklaces and she's returning the favor. Everyone laughs and claps. David interviews that Alessia is great and that her present was cool. The women try to find the ocean. Linda comments that Florence is beautiful, and that although she hasn't been, she's heard. David totally gives her the sex eyes and says that they should go. David interviews that he had a special moment with Linda in the tower, and that he's really attracted to her. David and the women go back down the stairs, and David says he has a surprise planned.

David and his dates walk down the street. Alessia starts singing, and Linda grabs arms with David and Alessia. Soon, all five of them are arm-in-arm. David voice-overs that the group was so happy, and walked around the streets singing. Alessia interviews that she thinks David didn't understand her song, but that it was about sun and love. David interviews that the moment when they were all hand-in-hand, singing in the street, was a great experience and one he's never had. They don't do that in Texas?

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