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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

Olinda rips on Samantha a little bit. Olinda interviews that she hopes everyone stays except Cat. I have no idea why they hate each other. Cat interviews that she doesn't know who will be eliminated, and that it could be Olinda, because she's crazy and always talks about sex. Olinda interviews that Cat is not David's type, because she's fake. Olinda asked Cat if she had a boob job, and Cat denied it, but Olinda's not buying it. I don't know. They could be natural. Olinda says that Cat is not shy; she's just a bitch. Petra interviews that Cat might be eliminated because she doesn't like being the only German girl left. I don't think the women get to decide who gets eliminated. Does David care that Cat is the only German girl left?

Paul approaches the women at dinner and asks them to accompany him to the porch. Okay, he calls it the loggia, but whatever. Petra interviews that when Paul arrived, the women were both nervous and excited. The women walk out on the porch. Olinda interviews that she is ready to pack her bags at any time, and that some girls were more nervous than others about leaving. Anique says they don't know how many people will be eliminated.

Samantha walks out onto the porch. The women groan in disappointment, and Samantha comments on their reaction. Samantha announces that two women will be eliminated. Olinda nods knowingly. Samantha says that each of the women who gets to stay will get a sapphire necklace. And she says "journey," but I'm ignoring that word. Samantha says she'll go get David. Oh, the tension! The suspense! The amazing amount of not caring at all that I am experiencing right now!

The women stand in formation and wait for David. Lina interviews that David will have to judge by their personalities. Yes, I'm sure boobs don't come into play at all. David interviews that he feels like the girls are his friends, and that he's letting them down. David walks out, and Kristyna totally checks out his ass and then nods to someone across the way. David and Paul take their positions. David tells the women that they look great, and that he had a lot of fun on the dates. Unfortunately, he had to make some decisions, but he hopes there are no hard feelings. I have feelings, and they are hard! I don't know. I've been recapping for many, many hours.

Paul announces that the first woman is Cat. David voice-overs that Cat is classy and great-looking, but that he doesn't know if she's into him. Paul calls Giada, who smiles widely. David voice-overs that every time he sees Giada, he knows it will be a great day, because she's so fun, and that she would make a great girlfriend. Linda has wavy hair tonight and kind of looks like Jorja Fox. Next, Paul calls Linda's name. David has some trouble fastening the necklace. David voice-overs that he purposely took a little more time with Linda. The captioning adds (but we do not hear) that David was checking her out and noticed she had a tattoo. Lina gives Giada a look like, "Are you noticing this?" David finally gets the necklace fastened.

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