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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

Paul calls Kristyna's name next. David interviews that Kristyna is "still kind of hanging out in the brush," but that she's slowly showing signs of interest. I just noiced that all of the women are wearing dresses except Karolina, who has on camouflage capri pants. Paul calls Lina up. Lina rips on the other women, saying that they are giggling like schoolgirls. David voice-overs that Lina has "a dry personality," and seems proper and uppity, but that he finds that attractive. Paul calls Alessia up. Everyone claps for her. Alessia scolds David for making her wait so long, and then hands David a rose. David voice-overs that Alessia is funny, giving, and appreciative. Alessia gives David another kiss after her necklace is fastened.

Anique's name is called next. Lina gives her a dirty look. David voice-overs that he doesn't know if Anique is making fun of him, or if she just has "a real sarcasm [sic] sense of humor." Why can't it be both? David voice-overs that he was disappointed when Anique walked off, because she didn't even thank him or turn around, and that he felt like he made the wrong decision. Paul calls Petra's name next. David voice-overs that he likes Petra and thinks she's a cutie pie. There is only one necklace left. Paul waits a while to build suspense, and then calls Olinda's name. Olinda is relieved. Olinda calls herself a "gorgeous comedian" and "super-hot." Okay. If you say so. David voice-overs that Olinda is nice and likes to have a good time, and that he could see them together. Really? She's about the last one I would pick for him. David makes a speech about how he doesn't like to choose. Then he says it's like "kicking one of [his] buddies out of the truck to go to the rodeo." Wow, I'm sure the losers feel better now. The speech is made all the more ridiculous because David has Alessia's rose tucked into the neck of his shirt. David bids everyone goodbye.

So Tereza and Karolina are eliminated. The women all hug and cry. Tereza interviews that she was upset, but that she tried to stay calm. Linda interviews that she didn't expect Karolina to be eliminated, and that she's a good friend. Linda's crying harder than Karolina or Tereza! Linda says she doesn't want to cry because it's too American. I didn't know that other nationalities didn't have tear ducts. David interviews that he eliminated Tereza because she was the first to ask about the money. He eliminated Karolina because she's friends with Linda, and he was worried that Linda would back off if Karolina started liking him, out of respect for their friendship. Who knew David had a strategy? Karolina and Tereza leave to pack up. David sits in his study and writes something in a book. I imagine it goes like this: "I like Hurricane. He is a horse. He is fast. Girls are pretty. We go to the town. Paul is cool. Good night."

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