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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

Kristyna, of the bad chunky highlights, is next. David comments to Paul that he must love his job. Kristyna and David discuss how great Paul is. Kristyna says she's from the Czech Republic. David interviews that he knew from watching TV "that the Czech chicks are, like, beautiful." When are there Czech women on TV? Did I miss that new show, C.S.I.: Prague?

Paul brings out Anique. David asks what she does in Holland, and she says she's a student. David says that he studies Kinesiology. Wait, he's in college? I thought he was in the rodeo full-time. Anique has no idea what Kinesiology is (and when David explains it, I discover that I didn't either). David says that it's muscular development and nutrition. Anique interviews that David was probably nervous to talk to all fourteen girls, but that he did it well.

David comments that Petra is a tall drink of water. David interviews that Petra had a beautiful smile. Petra explains that she's from Holland, and David says that's where they wear the wooden shoes. He points to his shoe, in case her grasp of English is limited. Or, because he's an idiot. David escorts her over to get champagne. Petra interviews that David is "a little bit shy," but that his accent was cute. If one more person says that David is shy or nervous, I don't know what.

Paul brings Cat out. Damn! Cat is fine. She's wearing a burgundy leather dress, which sounds trashy, but on her it's more like Sydney Bristow with bigger boobs. Cat interviews that her first impression was that David was good-looking. David takes her over and gets her some champagne. David notices that there aren't enough chairs, so he walks over and picks up a loveseat and carries it over his head like a caveman or something. He refuses help from the staff. Why didn't they have enough chairs? Didn't they know how many women were going to show up? I guess they thought the women wouldn't mind sitting in two groups, but instead they all wanted to sit together. Cat interviews that David was very polite to bring the chair over especially for her. David sets the seat down and makes sure Cat is okay with it, and then returns to his post by the door. The women chat amongst themselves. David watches them, and voice-overs that he just met fourteen women, which is overwhelming, but that so far he thinks he's doing okay.

David awkwardly motions for the women to gather around him. Alessia offers up a toast in Italian. We get a full-length shot of Alessia's dress, and it's even worse than I imagined. It has a banded top, which stops right at her hips, but her hips are the biggest part of her body (or at least her dress makes them look that way). Very unflattering. David asks what "saluté" means, and Olinda says that it means, "Cheers." Maybe Paul should have schooled David on how to give toasts in various languages. David tries to say "arrivederci," but it comes out as "ava dare chay." The other women announce how to say "cheers" in their native languages. David claims that in Texas, they say, "Get waaaaaaasted." The women try it out. Saying it, not getting wasted, although they have certainly been trying that out over the past few days as well.

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